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Why doesn't this exist?


I would be curious to know why all the options in the initial dispute option page is assuming that the fault of the cancellation is with the seller not the buyer?

I’m curious why options like:

buyer ordered by mistake
buyer decided they didn’t want this gig anymore ?



You can choose the reason for cancellation by selecting “other” as shown in the screenshot above


Yeah I know that, but it should be clearer than this. For example if you look at the fiverr level systems all levels say ‘low cancellation rate’ so i would have thought it would be better if it was immediately clear when fiverr look at these why these happened. For example I’ve had a run of buyers accidently ordering which might look at first like its my doing unless fiverr actually go into the order and see what the reasoning was. Just seems to me with the extensive list of options on that list that there should be a clearer system to show why or who was responsible for the cancellation.

Again it seems though the buyer is much more catered too on fiverr than the seller.


But that isn’t the case is it if someone orders accidently? Tonight I had someone place three orders when they only wanted one. How you can do that by accident ill never know but they managed it.


The resolution is different in three different stages

  1. When you deliver
  2. When you haven’t delivered
  3. When the buyer hasn’t attached the requirements
    When you click the resolution during each of the above stages the reasons differ.


“The buyer thinks my work is poo” :laughing: