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Why don’t I get an order?


You have duplicated gigs with the same service which is a against fiverr TOS


but i don’t have any duplicated gigs.
please help me. HOW TO RESOLVE

What do you mean you don’t have duplicated gigs?
You have 4 gigs for a logo design.
Two of them for a flat minimalist logo.
2 others for an “amazing logo” and “clean logo”

Those are all duplicated gigs.


opps! thanks for your help, i’m understand. what i do next?

What do you think you should do next not to break TOS?

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i’m delete my duplicated gigs

Here’s the thing, I am new too and I know how hard it could be to make sales. I think you should think of making your gigs more impressive. Also, you should work on sending offers to buyers. If buyers are not forthcoming, how about you send them offers? My one cent.