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Why dont buyers have experience status/community recognition/level ups

I’ve been a Fiverr buyer for some time now, and increasingly I m realizing that no matter how active I am as a buyer in the fiverr community, a new seller will never know whether I m just a one off or a potential serial buyer. Why is this important for the seller? because it allows the seller to know what kind of customer he is dealing with. Why is this important for the buyer? because he is a recurring part of the fiverr community, one that is actively contributing again and again, and validation will create a reputation that he will always want to enhance, and that will mean he becomes more integrated into the fiverr community, instead of coming into the fiverr platform and leaving it just as easily when something better comes along. Having not built a reputation/rank/validated experience means Fiverr will not have built serial buyer loyalty and will cater more to the intermittent purchases of less involved buyers.

It does not matter to a seller how experienced the buyer is. We actually have to accept orders from anybody no matter how new that buyer is. If we do not then we could lose our level.

Sellers have level ratings (Level 1, Level 2, TRS) to determine their ‘reputation’ in the community.

Oh what a wonderful feature that would be.

I certainly hope the Fiverr team is reading this.

Hm, but how would you guys treat an order of a well reputed buyer differently compared to a new buyer or one with a rather negative reputation among sellers?


It will be a great idea!

Reply to @mmsolutionsltd: I think a better question is, "Will buyers with poor ratings have the nerve to stay around?"

I am hoping that self-induced shame will ward them off.

Yes I think they need this - having a public rating would make the few naughty buyers out there that try to scam the system think twice. You wouldn’t get so many “i ordered by mistake” or “you did great work but I’m going to leave you negative feedback anyway unless you refund me or give me a bunch of free stuff” scams.

And although we have to accept all orders, I think the purpose would be that if as a buyer you dropped below a certain rating you’d get locked out of ordering.