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Why dont buyers leave reviews

I’m interested to know the percentage of buyers that gave feedback after an order is complete.

I am at about 50%, is this reasonable? or low?

I really want to know whether or not they liked my work, but a lot of them did not give any feedback after they received my delivery even in private messages. and it makes me worry.

could it be because

  1. they liked it and no modification is necessary
  2. they hated it and it is so bad that it is not worthwhile to ask for changes
  3. they just dont give reviews, it is a waste of time

    Am I overthinking this…

You’re overthinking it. While I don’t have a ton of sales, I’ve gotten feedback from every customer with the exception of 1. However I also know that customers that come to Fiverr are looking for cheap goods, most are not here for anything over the 20+ dollar mark.

With that said…it’s human nature to procrastinate and/or be lazy. It’s not their fault really most startups or businesses have more important things to worry about than if your 5-20 bucks really did what it was suppose to do. Some a really on it and those customers are the ones that are the most demanding I find.

Personally…I wouldn’t worry about it and for sure…don’t take it personally. Just keep offering good service.

I would say this sounds pretty normal, at least based on my experience. Some people simply may not leave reviews because they don’t want to take the time to do it or because they’re not thinking about it. If you’re not getting a lot of reviews, I think it’s perfectly polite to send a message like “Feel free to leave a review of my work if you’d like” once an order is marked as complete. This may help you to get a few more.

In my anecdotal experience, a lot of is that to leave a review you have to mark the order as complete. I’d say at least 25% of the people I do work for don’t mark it as complete despite me asking nicely. It automatically marks itself after 3 days, but if I can’t get them to complete the order, I certainly can’t get them to leave a review.

I know that people want to see the work before they mark it, but I would love a way to force buyers to mark it instead of having to wait the 3 days.