Why don't buyers trust the skills of sellers from African nations?


I have noticed that most buyers tend to overlook sellers from African countries, especially those who haven’t been long on fiverr. I know for a fact that sellers who use fake locations get twice as many jobs as their honest counterparts in the same country.
I understand the potential buyer’s need for high quality creative content. However, they ought to understand that a lot of African countries were colonized by Britain, therefore English is the primary language of instruction and a lot of Africans speak English just as well as native Brits. I entreat more buyers to patronize African sellers. If during deliberations the seller’s communication skills are unsatisfactory, please do contact another seller.

I hope this helps obliterate the existing bias.


How do you came to know that buyers don’t trust African sellers? How many fiverr African sellers you have met and talked with?

Btw I have recently read a topic about a seller from Africa buying a car with his fiverr money within a few months. So…


I would think that having a 3.4 overall profile and your latest reviews cancelled due to lateness has more to do with your lack of sales, rather than any bias against an entire continent, colonized by the glorious empire or not.


Speak for yourself…


and he is gone?..



I bet he’s gone to start a new account as I just gave him a truth bomb.


I am yet to prove this. With my new account and gig launching soon plus a video description of the service I’m willing to offer, I see no reason why on the basis of my location my services would be turned down…


Your reputation precedes you! :sunglasses:


@emmaki You must have had precognition.


Not really, his profile was rubbish for the reasons I stated above. I think he ran off in shame as I uncovered the fact that he was blaming the whole world for his failures, rather than correctly pointing the finger of blame where it belonged.

There’s also a lot of other juicy tidbits to be plucked out of the actual post (thinly veiled references to colonialism, the “as well as native Brits” while sounding like a character out of a Victorian crime novel [a common trait among African speakers, I note–must be the schooling] and of course, the “FACT” that fake location sellers get twice as many jobs as etc.). Sorry OP. The simple fact is that you were being overly pompous with a profile that should have punctured that pomposity a long time ago.


@emmaki OK, off topic (not that the topic of this post is so great anyway), but just let me tell you: your comments are the funniest ever :sunglasses: