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Why don't get any buyer request?

Hello, I’m a new seller. what is the reason for don’t getting any buyer request . please help me. what should i do.

same here i am also not getting any buyer request.

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ow many GIG you open?
To get buyer request You should be o line 24X7
You have to promote your GIG on social media…


Thanks @shantho5 for your suggestion

Your buyer requests. Check out several times a day
According to your gigs. Buyer receives requests
Send it out ten

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Don’t depend on Buyer Requests. Check out: for hundreds of tips on how to get orders.

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You don’t get Buyer requests as soon as you joined. someone has to post a buyer request under gig categorization until that you have to check everyday. come up with few gigs first then you are able to get buyer requests

Good luck!

you were the first who visited my gigs to check my gigs are ok or not ok. probably 1.5 year ago when i opened my fiverr gigs and requested to visit in fiverr forum. i see you regularly for a long time you are helping lots of new seller here. sometime you are giving them instruction sometime you are sharing links with them how to improve their business etc etc… respect you and your work. thank you.


Thanks a lot for giving me a good direction.

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