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Why don't get any buyer?

I create a new gig but don’t get any buyer in my new gig:

please any one see and tell me what is wrong of my contain write or any other

Thank you !!

I was expecting you to be new! You have plenty of good reviews so I’m sure the buyers will come.

You don’t share what the buyer can achieve with your work, who it’s for, etc. You just say what you deliver. That isn’t enough to convince someone to make a purchase because it doesn’t indicate the quality or value of your work.

thank your complement

how to get good reviews sir

I Would suggest to satisfy the customer and provide a high quality and value of work. I am new to this marketplace, but I have plenty of sales experience running my own life insurance business. My goal is always to provide the best customer service and highest quality product. I believe in building long term relationships, if that is what the client wants. I try to understand exactly what the client is looking for so I can deliver right on or above what is expected.

It wasn’t a compliment, and the spelling “complement” refers to a different word.

These kinds of mistakes will deter buyers. Communication skills are really important when you are a Fiverr seller, so I suggest you improve your English.


Great advice ! Find the “need” of the buyer and offer an honest solution. The solution should be your product :slight_smile:

A pitch for yourself masquerading as advice for another seller. Please don’t do that.

I’m sharing my knowledge and experience.

Yes, written as ad copy on a landing page.

There is no advice or experience shared here and you haven’t personalized what you wrote to the poster’s gig. You are appropriating someone else’s post to craft an image for your Fiverr business.

Well, I guess that’s what you think. I was sharing my experience and my beliefs. I don’t know what his beliefs are, if he chooses to follow what I’ve learned great, if not so be it. I’m trying to give back to the community. I don’t want to go back and forth about this. I don’t believe I should tell him what he should do because, as I stated, I’m new on this platform. Although, like I said, I’m experienced in sales and I was giving away the belief system that worked for me and made my life insurance business a success.

Have a great rest of your day.