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Why don't I get a buyer request?

3 days ago I published my 1st gig. But I don’t have Buyer’s request.


As a new seller you get less buyer request than a Lvl 1 account in the market place…

For the solution you have check the buyer request page in daily basis…
By that you will know when the buyer request will appear regarding your specific region…
Then you will surely find some Proper buyr request for applying…

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Buyer request doesn’t come all the time. Reload the page every time & check which is the best time to get buyer request.

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I always check Buyer Request page. But I can’t see buyer request offer anytime !!:pensive:

Thank You So much Brother

firstly, check your GIG category and Sub-category.
Time zone in Bangladesh (GMT+6),
2nd, 6am - 9am/ 6pm -9pm/ 1am-3am in this time Refresh the buyer request page seriously. Hope you get a good result. (as far as I know)


Thank you brother for giving your good idea.

create 7gig and fix your gig tag

oh, Really?
Thanks for sharing your Good Idea.

The most valuable time is 12.00-2.30…You will get many buyer requests in that time.