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Why don't I get any order for 15 days from fiverr?

Hi Fiverr Community,
I hope you all are doing well!
I am facing an issue nowadays and that is- I don’t get any order from fiver almost 15 days or more than that. Though I have sent around 8-10 buyer requests per day. I really don’t have any idea why this is happening to me. Last month I have completed four orders but Now I am losing my hope. Please, someone, help me with this issue and If possible please tell me how can I get more orders. It will be a great help to me and I will oblige you.


Please, don’t upset. :sleepy:
Same problem. I can’t get any order 2 months 12 days. But I am not upset. :grinning:

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Buyer’s request section actually never worked for me (and not because I don’t see them but because whoever publishes requests there want near-free work).

I also experienced some time spans of tens of days where I don not get any order without a reason, only to be flooded by 4-5 orders altoghether, and honestly don’t know why this happens.

Have you noticed any drop in your response rate/average review/ completion rate? That may cause your indexing to drop and therefore the number of orders you receive.


Don’t be upset.
I am also facing same problem nowadays. Try to do upselling

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A buyer orders me and suddenly he changed his decision and asked me to cancel. After canceling the order my order compilation rate is now 80% :frowning:

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I am trying :disappointed:

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Don’t worry about that. After complete another order it will increase.

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That probably is the reason why you’ve dropped. From top of the first page I moved to bottom of the third because my completion rate went from 100% to 99%.

Can you suggest me how can I improve that without getting any job. because I thing getting a new order is going to be tough for me.

Unfortunately I don’t know how. This is a really big downside of Fiverr. Whenever something goes wrong, even if it’s not your fault, you’re gonna get punished way more than necessary. And it happens also when nothing happens. When I turned level one Fiverr went radio silent for weeks, not an order. Sometimes I really don’t understand if it’s because of indexing, of customers or anything else.

The one and only advice I can give you is to best optimize your gig descriprion, pricing etc.

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same here. so try hard

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I’ve just taken a look at your gig and profile and these are my advices:

  1. Change the number of sections you are going to deliver in the packages description because they don’t match the actual content listed below (I am talking about your most sold gig but you should check every gig you’ve created).
  2. You need to “enhance” your English in both your profile and gigs because it is not wrong, but it actually sounds like the English of someone who doesn’t actually speak it. And unfortunately, being this right or wrong, it will drive some customers away.
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Thank you so much for giving such advice

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I received three orders and completed with 5 star reviews and tips. Thanks to everyone for giving such good advice. Keep me in your prayers.

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Congratulations @tahira_jannat .
Mr @samus_x can you please check my two gigs, if there is any issue with them? I am a new seller. Thank you

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You should open a new thread for that. Just tag me in it so I Will get a notification when you create it :wink: