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Why don't i get any order?

Hello I’m a seller on Fiverr its been 12 months almost I received my last order 3 months ago now I’m not getting any order can anybody please help me is that I’m doing something or what?
Please check my gig is there any issue on it?

How can you develop a landing page for $5 using pro plugins that when combined would cost you $268/yearly at the very least?

Before you say you have a developers license (which I doubt) bear in mind the above figures are already considering that, and you’d still need to sell 68 of your basic gigs yearly to break even.

Is it fair to assume you’re using a nulled version of those plugins?

Well I can’t speak for prices like @urdeke has…but from a visual standpoint, you could very quickly tidy up a few things. The broken thumbnail is an immediate turnoff for me, and I imagine some users won’t bother opening your gig if they’ve stopped to scroll through your gallery. Also, I’d see if you can fix some of the grammar mistakes in your description! They are small - but sometimes the details make big differences! Cheers

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