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Why don't I get any sales or views?

I got Fiverr like a week ago. I also created a gig. But I didn’t like that gig, so I created a new gig (a logo designing gig). I’ve got like 50 views on it in total. And only 1 sale. And that 1 sale was from Buyer Request. So I’m just wondering why I almost get no views and no sales on my gig. And what can I do to improve my gig? Gig link: Please help!


I think You can try those instructions:

*Create new gig with the short title : I will translate English to French
*Use only two colors on gig image, this website can help:
*Try using gig package : Basic $5 with 500 words.
Standard $10 with 1200 words.
Premium $15 with 2000 words.
*Offer 2 revisions maximum.

  • Use “we” better than “I”
  • Avoid Grammar errors: don’t write minuscule “i”

Bonus: Keep learning and go ahead :grin::+1:


Since, many buyers like to chat before ordering.

I add a message that invites potential buyers to contact me.

For example you can write:
“Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions”

Good luck :+1:t4: