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Why don't I get buyer request now?

I am worried that I do not get any buyer request for the last three days. After publishing my second GIG, I got some buyer request and it is only one time. After that, I didn’t get any request as well as cannot send any offer or reply to buyer for getting order. As a new seller, I am much worried about this.
Can any expert here helping me out?

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Someone suggested me to check buyer requests at a specific time. Like 7-8 AM , 2-3 PM ,7-9 PM , 11-12 PM and 2-4 AM (Bangladesh standard time).

Do you get it useful by having buyer request? I check always but do not get any request

At every time period, I got 1-5 buyer requests .

I think it’s useful.

Okay! Thanks for your suggestion.

You are welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: