Why don't I get gig orders?


I have done social media marketing. but I didn’t reached buyer. what can I do?



Perhaps you aren’t marketing your gigs to your target customers. Posting random links on social media is neither marketing, nor reaching your target audience.

Take some time to figure out who your target customers are, then, go creatively market and promote your services to those people. Your target customers are the only people who will purchase from you, and, in the end, they are the only people who will bring you the sales that will make you successful.


It’s important to improve your English, as people don’t want grammar or other errors in their posts.

Figure out who your target audience is and how to target them. By targeting, I mean building a relationship with people who have illustrated a need for the type of service you provide. It’s more about community engagement than selling.


I’m Face same problem.


i am also facing this problem