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Why don't I have any gig on the fast page?

A few days after I got Leven One, I couldn’t find any of my gigs by searching.After making new gigs, they can be found by searching at first, but after a few days, they are not found by searching.
What is the solution to this problem??


Accepting reality is the solution.

All your gigs are based around design - one of the most oversubscribed gig areas on Fiverr.

One of your gigs is for logo design. There are currently 200,000+ gigs for logo design. Only 48 gigs can make the first page of results. That’s why you are not on the first page.

Do you really think your gigs should permanently be in the top 0.024% of results?

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I don’t want that. But before, if I searched with the full title of Gig, it would come to the first page. But now it is nowhere to be found. I can’t find any of my gigs with search

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Correct. It’s the way that Fiverr works. If you are lucky your gig will get exposure for a limited amount of time. After that it can fall down the search results or disappear for a while. It will likely come back at some point.

You might not want that, but if you offer logo services, then you have to accept that your gig represents 0.024% of the possible results. To put it another way, 99.98% of all the other logo sellers have the same entitlement as you to the first page spot.

Are you really more deserving of 99.98% of other sellers? I suspect not. That’s why I say you have to accept reality. There are 201,287 other gigs on Fiverrr for logo designs. That’s the reality.

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