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Why don't I have any sales? (strange problem)

Hello to everybody;

I’m having a weird problem and I’d need help with it:

I’ve been working here as a translator for about two years, working with a lot of texts, and recently I’m having a few sales when a while ago I was translating a lot of documents, and customers always wrote me with positive ratings. At the moment, I don’t have any negative reviews. However, I have something that may go against me and that is for the reason that I have many tasks to do during the day, my response time to messages is 4 hours, but I try to be almost always connected to Fiverr. Anyway, I don’t think the problem is due to that because for months my response time has been 1 hour and I had the same problem (that very few people sent me texts when I did the online marketing properly).

To promote my Gigs, I do promotion in social networks about the niche I work in (languages), I have also paid for advertising, and although my profile has more visits and people are looking at my services, it has been a short time since few people have sent me texts to translate. And also, for the reason that I am new and not in the right position, I charge cheap prices for documents with many words.

What do you think? Is there something wrong with my seller profile that doesn’t attract customers? What recommendations could you give me so that more people can buy my translations?

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Well, I’m not sure what’s REALLY happening, but what I think is happening is that due to Covid-19, the economy’s down and a lot of people can’t pay for a translated text with no mistakes and would rather take Google Translate’s translated text with few mistakes. I don’t mean to say that your work is not important. Every job on Fiverr is important. It just might take some time until you get some orders again.

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Fiverr killed impressions and with it, Gig rotation. I’ve over 2540 5-star rating, and 7 years of service, and I experience the very same what you do in the last one month. Sales dropped by 60-75% ever since impressions is down. I already written to Fiverr’s CEO in the hope that he will look onto the Fiverr team’s work as this is starting to be ridiculous that CS is just giving template answers, while the design team’s actions simply killed our sales all over Fiverr. So don’t worry. Its not your profile or your Gig’s fault. Simply one incompetent idiot in the Fiverr team felt the necessity to fix something what wasn’t broken and screwed up a perfectly working system.


Yes, it’s probably the Coronavirus. At first, I thought it was because of something wrong with my profile, but I remember that I had done more than 10 tests in Fiverr to check my skills (which the platform deleted all the sellers results from tests that had done them, in which I was also included, keeping only some tests available) and I also didn’t have many requests for translation.

I am not sure, but COVID-19 can be a possibility.

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Interesting opinion.

It already seemed strange to me, because lately I have paid other sellers to promote my gigs, (besides the online marketing I was working on my Fiverr profile to have more social network visits) and I still didn’t have any sales.

Anyway, I would like to know what experiences more people have had.

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I’m sorry this is happening to you @magictranslates.
Unfortunately, I am experiencing the same issue. I’ve been active on Fiverr since mid-April, and I thought I’d started out quite well (having completed 20 orders within my first two months of activity).

Lately, however, things have taken a different turn, and I’ve experienced a significant drop in sales. I wouldn’t say that I’m in a terrible situation, because my last delivery was on the 4th of June. But that order was from a returning buyer.
At this stage, I haven’t been contacted by new buyers since the 1st of June (no new orders or messages whatsoever, which is unusual for me).

It’s not my intention to complain. In fact, I am aware that it is our duty as sellers to promote our services and attract new buyers. Yet, I truly don’t know what else to do. I am currently promoting my gigs outside Fiverr and my analytics is good (I’ve always received 5-star reviews and delivered on time. My response rate is good and I’ve never experienced any issues with customers).


Perhaps the main reason is not really that we are not doing online marketing correctly, but that the true cause is both: The Coronavirus and the new changes that the administrators of Fiverr are making to the page for everyone.
I have completed approximately 100 translations and like other sellers, sales have been reduced quite a bit.

We have to keep trying. This problem will likely be fixed at some point, but it would be interesting to know when.