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Why don't I receive orders?

Hello everyone! Are there any criteria for receiving orders because I don’t get them? Thanks for your help

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You can try buyer requests section

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it’s my first time to hear about this where ?

you can find it under the “Selling” menu…

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I saw it thanks , I really appreciate this

I see 1 or no order on buyer’s request!

Buyer requests are updating at a time. I am not sure about the exact time. But it will definitely update once a day

So keep in touch… And send offers to buyer’s requests fast once you see…

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Very helpful, thank you!

You are welcome! :grinning:

Why don’t I receive orders?

Trick question?

Anyway, why not take some time out of your day to read through the helpful topics here.


Can you teach a Awesome Proposal for logo design gig thank you.

Please Observe the other seller profiles in same category. You can see what they are offering…

You can get some ideas by doing that…

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Also, try creating a cover.

Placing your own photo wont attract buyers because it’s not related with the service you offer.

I’m not judging your look, don’t understand me wrong, I’m just saying if you want to attract buyers to a certain service, start it by your cover. it’s your showcase.

It’s the same I have a electronics store, but placing photos of puppies at the showcase. IT’s cool but it won attract me buyers


ok i will try and i see some gigs.

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I agree.
Because you have to check in every half once.
That will help you alot.
Good luck