Why don't I see Pro sellers on forum


Do they have another pro forum, I don’t see anyone participating here.


You are not a Pro seller.

Why do you feel that regular sellers are not suitable for you to interact with?


Am I just curious? I don’t mean that way.


Maybe because there are not that many. There are not many Top Rated Sellers on the forum either. It’s just that there are fewer of them.


There is one gentleman who wears a hat whom I know is a Pro seller and I see him here off and on.


^^^ I see what you did there :wink:


I am not the gentleman who wears the hat, I am a lady! And I posted the picture of me with a hat when I was new to Fiverr, long before I knew about Paul the Pro Seller. :wink:


There are few of them, I have already noticed it.

And I don’t think there is another pro forum on fiverr.


The question is why does it matter to you? Do you want them to be your mentor, BF or what?


Like elves, fairies, Lord Lucan, and my favorite personal rare animal the fire-breathing unicorn, Pro-sellers are notoriously elusive. This is because if Pro-sellers they were more commonplace, they would inevitably be hunted by troops of how do I mek sellers, in order to have various items of clothing and appendages turned into magical black market elixirs designed to boost sales.

It is sad that Pro-sellers have to go into hiding for such reasons. That said, as how do I mek seller populations start to dwindle as a result of changing Fiverr rating standards, sightings of Pro-sellers might become more commonplace.


Hey, let me fulfill your wish, I’m here you can see me lol, joking apart. I was an active member but now I’m busy with my other works so that s why I’m not active here so much. @jelsinardaooo


I have seen many Fiverr Pro on the forum. You may be missed this thread :slight_smile:


I think he is Talking about the “Pro sellers” not " Top rated sellers"

But this reason fits on both


Hey, I am a Pro seller, and can assure you there is no “special” forum for us! As for participation here, it simply varies based on how much work I have. when i am busy, I tend to go on vacation mode on the main Fiverr website, and only have limited free time for social stuff…


Maybe they just want coffee :joy::joy::joy:


Oh yeah. :relaxed:

Inquiring minds want to know.

What’s your favorite brew?
Do I get a sweet treat, too? I :heart: desserts, small portions of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


My favorite brew is just pure old fashioned coffee.

Of course you can have a sweat treat :slight_smile: Whatever portion you like.
People get curious, I guess :joy::joy::joy:


Probably because they all are so new that they haven’t yet discovered forum:smiley:


LOL :smiley:

Wow, how generous of you. :carrot:cake sounds good right now, yummy! :yum:
Ahem as for the people all :eyes:, can’t blame them tho. :wink:


We risk to get off topic. But whatever, it’s x-mas.
:carrot:cake it is. For you I will also bake it myself :relaxed: