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Why don't let our performance decide our REAL search placement? and others

My name is Rafael, I’m a graduated business administrator, but I chose fiverr graphic services as my main job because I love it and I love to contact different kind of people everyday around the world, and because economical reasons for sure.

Just a short brief:
My gig is the 2nd best seller/rated gig in vector tracing sub-category, also the 2nd in the overall ranking. TODAY, you can check this by entering in the VECTOR TRACING sub category. I say today, because with the last algorithm changes, it may not be the 2nd in ranking placement anymore.

I see fiverr keeps changing its search algorithm, which keeps affecting the results when someone search for a keyword, in my gig case, if i search for “VECTOR”.

If someone look for “vector” keyword in the search, my gig is around the 10th placed gig today, even it’s being the 2nd in the ranking. tomorrow could be the 1st, which i dont think is right too, because I know I’m not the 1st ranked bestseller.

MY suggestions:

  1. Why not letting our performance be the criteria of the search algorithm? If some buyer select AVG CUSTOMER REVIEW, they want to see this, and not a bunch of random gigs who were placed on top because no performance. It will for sure make the buyer experience A LOT better, because when they are trying to find the best gigs, they WILL find the best gigs. Or at least creating a NEW TAB, like BESTSELLER GIGS.
    To give a chance to the new or inexperienced sellers, there are already 3 tabs for this: NEW BUYERS (search and categories), RELEVANCE (search only) and RECOMMENDED (in categories ranking only).
    I agree that the best sellers dont need chance anymore, but they need something in the search algorithm to secure their placement (of course that based in their performance).
    At any marketplace, when a buyer search for the best product, they want to see the best product, not some good mixed with some bad products.

  2. Why not letting the final sold price (plus the rating, of course) weight in the ranking/search placement? This way higher budget buyers could easily meet with higher budget sellers. Bringing more revenues even to Fiverr site. For example if seller sells 4 orders of $5 and get 5-stars review in all of these orders, should be equivalent to a seller who do only 1 sale in the price of $20 with a 5-stars rate in the end. Making a more accurate weighted average about the gigs performance to rank the gigs, in search and in ranking, also helping to fight the categories inflation.
    It doesnt matter the gig offer price, but the final price sold, multiplied by the strength of the rating.
    It also helps to equalize countries economic differences here at fiverr, because everybody knows that $5 in some countries are equivalent to $100 in others. But in the end, is the performance which still place you on the top, because a bad reviews will also be more shocking.

  3. Have a ORDER PAUSE button, or something like this, which could pause the clock for crucial questions. Many times i had to cancel good orders because the buyer didnt answer crucial questions to keep going with the order. In my case my delivery time is 24h, so if in these 24h the buyer doesnt answer, I’m screwed, not because my performance, but because the lack of attention from the buyer.

Fiverr should provide more for us sellers compete with each other, it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN tactic.
BUYER WIN: will easily find the best sellers, because the sellers will compete to always deliver the best service (which actually the search results doesnt seems to show the real best sellers, but a bunch of new seller, mixed with some good sellers, mixed with bad rated sellers, mixed with good sellers).
SELLERS WIN: will let their true performance decide for their placement, demanding to deliver always the best service possible to have the best placement possible, and as consequence getting more orders because the best placement.
FIVERR WIN: Will grow the overall deliveries quality, because the best sellers will be on the top of the searches, always helping fiverr names/brand. With these random gigs getting benefited with this “random” algorithm, Fiverr loses a lot of buyers who had a bad 1st experience, like any company does. And also will help to increase fiverr revenues, when the high budget buyers MAY easier find the high budget sellers.

Some may not like these suggestion because are comfortable in their places, but fair competition is good for everyone. Right now it’s not fair because some good sellers aren’t being easily found with the actual search algorithm, and some bad sellers are being benefited because went to the top with this search “shuffling”.

I know there are a lot of new sellers trying to find their places, get better ranking and etc, but giving a chance isnt the best in a long term. Buyers dont want to know if the seller needs a chance, they want their service well done.

“give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Free+Fair competition is always good to everyone, except for those who can keep doing a bad work but still gets good revenues, because the search situation. Everybody knows that the higher in the ranking you are, better number of sales you will have, and sellers will do their best to reach this.

Anyway, thank you for your attention,


That’s not what Fiverr is, though. Fiverr is merely a hosting site where us sellers can offer our freelance services to a consumer audience that is looking for those services. Fiverr is not responsible for our success, nor is it their job to help us compete with each other. YOU are responsible for your own success, your own marketing, your own ability to outshine your competitors.

It is unwise to expect Fiverr to do YOUR job – as a freelance services provider – for you.


hi same issue is with me. my main selling gig is the highest rated pdf editing gig. if u search “edit pdf” & select " AVG CUSTOMER REVIEW" filter, previously it’s the first result in first page. but now it’s move to 3rd row in first page. i have contacted fiverr CS & they said bellow… :thinking:

“Please keep in mind that Gigs are ranked based on recent performance not overall reviews that your Gig has. As you may know, Gig ranking are not permanent and may change over time.”

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yes, it’s what fiverr is. Fiverr call it’s self as a marketplace, not as freelancer hosting. There are gigs (stores) where you buy a product (service). It’s not merely a hosting site, or we could deal out of fiverr without any consequences, like getting account restricted.
so why is there a ranking? or why fiverr say it’s a marketplace? or why is they are testing an search algorithm if it’s not to optimize overall results even for fiverr itself?

of course not, we are. LOL.
But a good part of our sales are susceptible to fiverr search results. Believe or not.

Its not their job but it would help fiver itself. Better competition always result in better services. I learned this in my first semester in college, and it’s the vision of the most succeeded companies/countries in the world. It’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

Not necessarily, because my sales boost here just for getting in the top of the searches, nothing else. When the algorithm changes and my gig “disappear”, my sales drop A LOT.

Fiverr isnt just a hosting, fiverr is a company. Fiverr site worth around $700 millions.

Making sellers freely and fairly compete will always result better for fiverr clients, because right now good part of the sales comes from keyword search (i did a research with my clients, and the result was 50% from keyword search, and 50% through categories browsing).

that’s why I say to get informed first before sending misinformation.


Buddy, I grow tired of you constantly telling me this. I am not spreading misinformation.

I’m guessing that you do not believe this is happening now?? :confused:

I feel like there is a great deal of competition on 5r among sellers - too many in some cases. I’m having a heck of a time deciding who to hire. All gigs look exactly the same, all sellers write the same phrase in “I will (do vector tracing)” and lastly, everyone has 5 star reviews.


that’s not my fault you keep doing this.

by the way, these are MY suggestions to fiverr improve it’s site, in base of my knowledge and 3 years of experience as seller here.

I’m also getting tired to see you trying to bring down my posts using poor arguments, like fiverr “merely a hosting site” (which is not and you keep saying) or “It is unwise to expect Fiverr to do YOUR job” (something I never said fiverr should do).

I’m not asking anything to fiverr, I’m suggesting to fiverr.

So if you dont want do discuss, try not reading or answer my posts :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, Fiverr staff doesn’t read all of the comments posted on these forums. If you seek to make a productive suggestion, you might consider contacting Customer Support directly.

Uh, Jon, I think you wanted to say doesn’t


I believe it is, but I’m sure it can always get better.

I’m not talking about to have or not competition with the seller, I was talking about to provide fairly ways to compete better. At the moment, like I experienced, half of my sales came from search results, but dont think that a seller in the 3rd page will compete equally with the seller in the 1st page. I saw a lot of TRS abandoning fiverr site just because this “dynamic” search algorithm because they wasnt getting more orders, and some new arrived sellers went to top because the changes and not because they were performing a good work before

Top of the search sell more, it’s a fact, but I’ll always fight to our meritocracy place use there, and not for no reasons (low rated users being listed first of top rated users when a buyer uses rating filter)

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I already did, but forum is the best place to spread an idea between users.

or why is there FIVERR SITE SUGGESTIONS category on forum if we shouldn’t use this?

Oh… sheesh… yes, I did. :stuck_out_tongue: … Thank you for pointing that out. Corrected. :slight_smile:


Us “users” have no ability to enact the changes that you are calling for. So spreading an idea among those of us reading your posts really isn’t the right way to enact change. :wink:

Another distortion of the facts. I never said users have the ability to enact. Did i?

but we have the ability to talk with CS. And if more people who like the ideas I spread contact CS, for sure will help more too to achieve my objectives with this post :slight_smile:

like it seems you are a forum expert, could you answer me 2 things?

  1. why is there this forum category (FIVERR SITE SUGGESTIONS) if it’s not to spread/send our ideas/suggestions?
  2. why cant I send my ideas here AND contact fiverr support too?

Fine. I wash my hands of you. You just want to argue, and you seem to want to be seen as the only person that can be right in this discussion.

I’ll let you continue your argument with someone else.

so why your answers or arguments are not related with what I said or what I asked?

I want to have healthy discussion to grow up ideas (for myself or anyone else), even if these ideas aren’t useful.

If you keep running out the subject, trying to imposes things I didn’t say it will keep being distortion of the facts.

If you don’t like me to send my FIVER SITE SUGGESTIONS here, ask to fiverr forum responsible staff/moderators to delete this category or stop bothering with my posts.

If you want to have a discussion, then you have to politely discuss your ideas with those who have other viewpoints instead of just saying they are wrong or misinforming. There have always been discussions about whether Fiverr is a “host” alone or should be helping certain sellers in specific ways. They actually do experiment with promoting although at this exact moment some of that promotion is more focused on a new Fiverr-named “category initiative.” It will be interesting to see how that works out. Regardless, you might try to be more open to discussion if you want to discuss it.

The moderators talked with staff about this category when the forum changed from it’s old branding to the new. It was decided to leave it be so people could talk about their site suggestions. Telling people to stop getting involved in your posts after you make them isn’t what the category is for, so try to work on having a “discourse” which is also the name of the current forum host. If you don’t want others to post and you just wanted your opinion to stand, please say so and this thread can be closed even if it would be premature in a real discussion.


when someone try to impose things that aren’t true or that I didn’t said are completely different than a point of view.

I’m open to discussions, but when someone try to bring my point of view down with something not related with the subject, then I just protect my point of view with the same actions :slight_smile:

If you see my OP and the following conversations, it was my objective. That’s why I selected this category to send my ideas., while @jonbaas nstead keep on this post conversation/category objective, preferred to bring this to another side, like that I never mentioned, or related my OP:
"It is unwise to expect Fiverr to do YOUR job – as a freelance services provider – for you."
"Unfortunately, Fiverr staff doesn’t read all of the comments posted on these forums. If you seek to make a productive suggestion, you might consider contacting Customer Support directly.“
"Us “users” have no ability to enact the changes that you are calling for. So spreading an idea among those of us reading your posts really isn’t the right way to enact change.”

Like I said, I’m here to have a healthy conversation/discussion, not to argue with something I never said. I’ll really prefer not to have people involved with my post if it’s for running away the subject. I prefer someone with a completely different idea or who doesn’t even agree with my idea, instead someone why try to dodge the subject.

I wont stop saying that someone is distorting the facts while someone trying to impose things I didn’t said :slight_smile:

by the way even this conversation is not related with this post. I hope this is the last conversation NOT RELATED to this post.

Let’s keep with ideas, experiences related, critics, all related with this post, ok?

In my opinion, everything discussed in this thread has been on-topic. If you disagree that is fine. I suggest that you try harder to respect the community guidelines. Have a good one.

:arrow_right:See Forum Rules, Fiverr ToS and a summary of Community Guidelines . For questions or concerns regarding the Fiverr community sites, please contact Customer Support.

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great then, so if someone suggest me to not post my ideas here here, I could suggest to don’t bother with this post too.

And dont worry, I never disrespected anyone in this post, no matter the point of view. or I would “fight” with @gina_riley2 too which brought me a different point of view.

If you want, I would like to know your ideas bout the suggestions i did on this post. I would really appreciate