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Why don't let our performance decide our REAL search placement? and others


I did try to talk a little about what I’ve seen discussed regarding this topic when I first replied, but it was deliberately low key since the “search” issue has been a hot button topic on and off for some time. I don’t always shy away from hot button topics and I don’t usually mind discussing them, but personal life circumstances have me limiting what I spend my energy on. The other issue for me is that when I have time I read everything I possible can on the forum and the debates about search have gone back and forth so much that I admit I find them a little repetitive now. Some of those threads did make people angry with each other because people are passionate about their work and their Fiverr accounts. Here is what I said earlier:

I’m not going to elaborate a lot about this, but I see that Fiverr has recently put lots of emphasis on some new marketing campaigns (i.e. “DOER”) and on new badges and such. I really don’t know how that will go for Fiverr, buyers, or sellers, I’ve decided for now that my best bet is to watch and wait while also focusing my own efforts on maintaining relationships with my regular buyers and acquiring new ones with personal marketing instead of through Fiverr-based marketing.

I based my decision on what I’ve seen some other successful sellers do during this difficult time with algorithm testing and transition. I can tell you that the sellers I’ve seen do the same have seemed to do well with personal marketing in a way that is proportionate to their research, effort and sometime a marketing budget of their own. I can’t report much on my own results since I had to take a brief hiatus from all but some one-off custom orders. If I have more information later, I’ll be glad to share it when I have more time.


I almost completely agree with you, except for the marketing.

Unfortunately I believe not every category a self-marketing works. In my case, if I design logos it would be easy to marketing myself, BUT I work with vector tracing. I could grossly say that more than 90% dont know what this mean or for what it work, they just reach to me because the ultimate need because some print company requested vectors, and most of them are a 1 time job only.

it’s possible to do some marketing but would never get close like a well known service like logo design, SEO, video animation, and etc.

anyway, I appreciate sharing your experience


take a look on what I just got from fiver CS:

“We are sorry if you believe that we are copy pasting the answers to you, but we would like to simply clarify that Fiverr wants to give the opportunity even to those sellers who have no reviews yet or a starters with a few reviews gaines so far. Yes, those Gigs at times will be higher above TRS Gigs in search. That is Fiverr strategy of giving everyone the opportunity to be noticed and to shy.”


#1 has been tackled prior and many sellers did well. Then came some changes and experiments of which really need to stop. That said there are options to view average ratings however seeing an option for star rating would probably make the sorting a little easier; i.e. see sellers with x-amount of stars.

#2 may or may not work well as that will take extra coding to plug into the current setup. That said, buyers can search for gigs by price using the pricing feature combined with the type of ratings they’re looking for.

#3 has been and currently still is being requested by countless sellers. It has yet to surface but hopefully some time in near future.

Competition is present on almost every freelance platform with some engaging in a race to the bottom. Search at the moment is based on keyword search along with whichever filter(s) are selected by the viewer. Even when sellers guarantee to deliver the very best, some buyers will keep their eyes glued to the price as some - not all - want a whole lot for very little.

Maybe if the search algorithm were tweaked a bit or at least have an advanced search function of some kind that will enable viewers to be specific in their search criteria so they won’t have to worry about filler data while searching for ideal candidates. Translation: enable viewers to control what shows up when they do a search.

Example: Do a search for illustrators while checking options 4.5 Stars plus, comic and book. With this you’ll only see results of sellers with a 4.5 star rating and higher with comic and book illustration gigs.


unfortunately this was the most sad but honest answer by fiverr CS: “We are sorry if you believe that we are copy pasting the answers to you, but we would like to simply clarify that Fiverr wants to give the opportunity even to those sellers who have no reviews yet or a starters with a few reviews gaines so far. Yes, those Gigs at times will be higher above TRS Gigs in search. That is Fiverr strategy of giving everyone the opportunity to be noticed and to shy.”

regarding to this, yes it may do difference or it may not, it will all depend on the performance in the end. But I dont mean by placement being based in the price of the gig, but in the price of the sale, it could be a $5 gig, but with a $15 as extras, making a total of a $20 sale, for example.
It doesnt mean these gigs will top the searches, but we must agree that a successful $20 sale is already better performed sale than a similar $5 sale.


Iam telling you there wont be any end to this discussion… I tried arguing about it but asusual no result so i wud suggest just let it be !

  1. I agree that average rating filter is messed up. For example, right now I saw a gig with just 1 review on the first page when I filtered with “Avg Custumer Review”. In my opinion there should be minimal amount of reviews on the account to show up for average rating. Fiverr should analyze what the minimal amount should be, but it can’t be 1 review. I like @topaz_muse recommendation for adding a filter for stars.

  2. This won’t be easy because you can’t really compare gigs. Just because you sell your service at a lower price doesn’t mean it lacks quality and you shouldn’t get higher ranking based on your price. For example, if another seller in your category is a better salesman than you (sells at a higher price), but provides lower quality then they would be ranked higher than you.

  3. I’d like to have that as well. Requesting revision isn’t the best option. Quite often I need to explain to my clients that when I DELIVER the work it’s not actually completed, I just need more information and while I’m waiting for it I will throw it back to them to stop the clock.

I don’t agree with all your recommendations, but you’re right that Fiverr is not a hosting site - it’s an online marketplace by definition :slight_smile: That being said, they are making changes and maybe even moving in the right direction. I think their focus has shifted a bit and we are starting to see more and more handpicked gigs at the top.

As one of the mods mentioned, this topic has been discussed several times before. At first I didn’t want to answer because I have other things to do to pick this up, but since I do find search function frustrating as a buyer I decided throw in my 2 cents :wink:

PS. When I needed vector tracing 2 weeks ago I didn’t see your gig anywhere. After viewing 20+ gigs I gave up and hired semi decent gig to get the job done. Oh well, maybe I used wrong filters :stuck_out_tongue:


true that but somehow it turns the other way around so yeah what can we say


Exactly it would be great

I believe you didnt understand. If this person provides a low quality service he will get lower or negative rating, which the price will impact too. Negative reviews would impact the same strength as positive reviews.
One of the main reason for this is because som countries can’t provide a service for some prices, in my case for example is too cheap to offer a background removal service for $5 (it almost don pay my energy bill), some people offer 20 removals for $5 (of course this last one will sell more). the Quality of the sale (a better salesman) should be a part of the ranking too. But it’s just my opinion

Exactly. I dont mean I have waiting my clients, because I know they also have things to do, but If you request a 24h service, at least be tuned with my gig in these 24h, because I may need some extra info.



What most amaze me is “Fiverr wants to give the opportunity even” for gig copies. I was just taking a look on the marketplace and I saw A LOT of copies (100% copied gig) in front of original ones.
Fiverr is trying to be fair, while sellers arent being fair with each other.

Theoretically it’s perfect, but practically it’s a disaster


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