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Why don't locations and local time match up?

I have messaged a seller whose location says UK, yet suddenly the site tells me that their local time is 3:30am when local time in the UK is 11:30am. These details should match up, and not allow sellers to mislead buyers.

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Hi - it seems your seller may be confused about where they live … or possibly their IP address indicates they’re based in one country, when they actually live in another.

Opera browser, for example, offers VPN which may show an IP address that differs from your seller’s actual place of residence.

When I’m looking at messages, the local time of the person at the other end of the conversation appears with the active message thread, but not on the left hand side where the conversations are listed.

Hope this helps.


Indeed they should.

If it’s any consolation, any seller who tries this particular type of fakery will encounter difficulties when they try to withdraw their earnings, using mobile phone verification. The verification code will be sent to their number using the UK international code of 44. If they’re not actually in the UK, they won’t be able to withdraw their funds as they won’t receive the code. :sunny: