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Why don't more people buy my services?


I have received a few sales in the past few months. However, I am wondering why I am not receiving many more orders, with all my gigs having ‘red arrows’ (decreasing number of views, clicks etc.). The gig I would really like to boost is this one:

Here is my profile and all my other gigs:

Please help! I have used SEO to optimize my gig title and descriptions. Is there anything else I can do?

Thank you! I will take all critisism on board! :slight_smile:

Have you taken the time to market and promote your gigs elsewhere – wherever your target customers are located? Have you taken the time to reach out to the people who need your services?

I glanced at the gig you highlighted. Really, there are several possibilities. It could be something more specific like there isn’t a huge demand for what you offer on Fiverr, or it could be that the wording is offputting to your audience. I’m not saying that the wording is bad for marketing, it’s actually not. The words “I will brutally critique…” are eye-catching and that could get you some nice traffic. Brutal is an “emotional” word of sorts. If I were looking for a critique, I would probably want one described as brutal but some people might feel anxious about that.

I agree with Jon that marketing to your audience is also critical. I wouldn’t necessary make changes to your gig until you try to seek out an audience. If that fails, then you might try switching the word “brutally” for “honestly” or something similar and see if that helps. If it doesn’t, try something else. Tweaking is part of the game, sometimes.

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