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Why don't my bad reviews show up on the sellers listing?

I have been using Fiverr for a long time and overall had little to no issue with sellers. But in the recent weeks I have come across a few gigs that make me feel that the reviews and listings are not trustworthy.

I had notable scam gigs that just don’t deliver what is stated and when pushed for proof approved a refund within seconds - these people know what they are doing, they request me to ‘approve’ so they can send proof of the job, etc. (Obviously because at that point you cannot request revisions).

I have written all of the below and above pretty fast so sorry if some parts don’t make sense.

I had one listing that was for ‘give you 10,00,000 email list of any country’
Firstly, is that meant to be 10M or 1M? I personally said to myself “If that is 1M it is still a good deal”. Then when ordering I saw it says “give you 5 million email”. I didn’t expect 5 Million because I wanted Australian Emails and we only have a population of 24 Million.

I ordered the gig and told the guy I wanted emails for Australia. He sent me a list of 36,817 emails. When I asked for a revision and said that this is not what was ordered he replied with “Bro we are giving 1 million email list for 5$ and 1 million email list is mixed with different different countries list we have only this list belong to australia”

So the listing is NOT 1 Million of any country…

I said to him “Fine, if you can give me 5 Million emails for the US I will accept the order and we can move on”. He sent me a ZIP file where every country and state where individually filed and in notepad documents - this would have taken me ages to put it all together to even count the list so I requested one list as one file and he wanted nothing to do with this.

I requested a refund and he approved. I left a review and this is NOT displayed on the GIG which is troubling as I saw no negative reviews which is why I ordered it.

I messaged the seller prior to ordering and asked 3 questions.

  1. If I give you my email in HTML form, you can send that to 12M emails for $30?
  2. How long does it take to send out?
  3. Where are the people? World Wide? USA? Etc

This was replied to with Yes, 3 days and USA mostly.
I Ordered the GIG, titled “Drive 12m Email Blast Traffic To Your Ecommerce, Ebay, Amazon,Etsy, Website Page”. This was a 3 day gig. 1 hour before the gig was due to be completed I get a message saying “Am sorry we dont send html code, kindly send us the text and message you wish to blast” along with a request of 1 extra day and an extra $5.

1 day later I get a notification saying the Gig is completed and I check and the 2 files uploaded are screenshots of the email going out - no actual proof, so I requested a revision and asked for the proof of it being sent. I have been using another person to send emails to a personal list of 43k and I always get a few hundred “Out of Office” type replied which is great to see as I know they have gone out.

I got a reply with a screenshot. I have received nothing from the ‘12 Million’ and no increase in traffic despite the ‘9 Million’ unique clicks in the screenshot, that plus the stats in regards to number sent to vs opened vs bounced just didn’t add up.

I sent a request for refund and this was approved in about 3 minutes with no further comment. I left a review and this is NOT displayed on the GIG which is troubling as I saw no negative reviews which is why I ordered it.

This one was titled “Do Gsa,Ser 10 Million Backlinks For Seo”
When this order was delivered I checked some of the links and replied to him with “These are all trash links. I looked at heaps at random and most either don’t work or are for trash websites not in English. How is this High Quality Links?”

I got a reply saying “Oh it’s mistake.” then nothing until I followed up 2 days later. He resent the gig completion prompt and it was the same trash. 99% of the links were just forwarder links, not backlinks at all.

I replied with “99% of these are just redirect links which are NOT backlinks as they are not stored anywhere. the other 1% are in another language or go to error pages. This is garbage, I hope nobody accepts your work as you have clearly done no work for the money.”

This refund was accepted. I left a review and this is NOT displayed on the GIG which is troubling as I saw no negative reviews which is why I ordered it.

It may take a while to show; give it time.

Hi dalebothe,
Sorry to hear that you have had a series of bad experiences. Please note that when you get a refund, your review will not appear in the seller’s rating because that feedback is private and is used by Fiverr for internal purposes.
If you want to show your review on the seller’s listing, you have to pay for the service and then rate the service. In that case, your review will appear publically.


Ah, I didn’t know this. That’s a silly way to do it. I understand this would be greatly beneficial in some circumstances but just not in my cases.

Yes, it will definitely be considered by Fiverr at some other stage…