Why don't people mention their budget?


Just pisses me off when people don’t mention their budget, I am so interested in this project but I am not sure if the buyer will be able to afford my service duh :frowning:


First, why would you want to bid on this request? It’s not clear what they are asking and you’ll definitely have communication problems with this buyer. If they even are a buyer.

Regarding budget, if a buyer doesn’t know how much the service costs then it’s better if they don’t set a budget. It’s worse when they set a budget of $5. (Unless there’s no way they can afford a service above $5)
I usually put a price range or nothing. I don’t want to be dismissed by experienced sellers and I’d be happy to pay more if the service is worth it.


There is only one way to find out. Send an offer for what you want to charge. The person is talking gibberish. Not sure why you are so interested?

Since you are probably the only person in the world who can follow what he is saying you have a good chance of communicating in his baby language.


He means;

The ting goes skrrrahh!
Pap, pap, ka-ka-ka!
And a pu-pu-drrrr-boom!
Poom, poom

(BIG SHAQ - “Man’s Not Hot” song lyrics)


You should never tender an offer for a request if:
a. the buyer does not clearly articulate what she/he wants;
b. there are details relevant to the service being requested that are absent from the request but ought not to be. (For instance, if you need proofreading and editing, you should honestly state the word count of what it is you want proofread and edited); and
c. the budget is unreasonable, taking into account the nature of work to be done. (For example, earlier this year I saw a request for 75,000 words or so to be proofread and edited… and the person making the request had a $5 budget).


Thank you for the advice sir, Ill keep that in mind :slight_smile:


You didn’t even read that offer did you? :wink:


No that was the joke.


It’s more like we are used to another reason which I won’t mention for such things.


This just like a Joke. I just noted that this request already Got 25 offers even the buyer doesn’t clearly stated that what he want.

The buyer and sellers who send their offers all are fake. Both sides are playing Scam Game… lol :grin:


I’m not sure it’s even a request. Just ignore it and go for a better one.

Now, regarding no stating a budget. I can only draw two conclusions out of it:

  1. Buyer is “window-shopping”.

  2. Buyer is willing to pay the best seller whatever their services cost.

Anyway, even if they do have a budget, I still send an offer with my pricing just in case they haven’t found any suitable sellers and are willing to pay a bit more for what I’m offering.


:grin: Agreed… Great reason lol


Humor. Some forum posters don’t have it. :wink: