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Why don't people read gig descriptions before asking questions?


That saves time for both, isn’t it?

Hope it changes in 2021!

Happy new year everyone :slight_smile:


Because it would be the sensible thing to do and some Buyers are…well, not that sensible.


Yes it can be annoying! Most if not ALL of my cancellations were a result of people simply NOT READING my gig descriptions.

That has got to suck.

I have spent time responding to Inbox messages saying simply, “Check my Gig description.”

Here’s a trick I’ve just started using.

When the Buyer places an order they get questions from you regarding what you need to complete the order.

One of my questions is: “Have you read the Gig descriptions and understand them?”

Not sure how much that will help, but maybe it will.


Tell me about it. I could have 100 orders today if it weren’t those "I have no idea what I am buying but take my money… oh no, I was wrong, give it back!


My questions:

3 orders without contacting me and they clicked YES to all above.


It definitely does help! I also made sure that there is NO question WHAT SO EVER- about what my gigs provide. It’s helped in a HUGE way, but I had to reword my gig and put what it ISN’T at the very TOP of my gig description…as a RED flag so to speak… “Don’t pass go!” :stop_sign:

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OMG :neutral_face: the “Oh no I was wrong - please cancel” is the worst… because buyers don’t understand the ramifications cancelling orders can have on a seller.

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It reminds me of the days I worked in Radio (I have 40+ years of experience in Media). We would have a contest on-air and the phones would go nuts. The fifth caller (or whatever) would be the winner.

After the contest frenzy ended, the winner would usually ask, “What did I win?”

Like, did you not call because of the prize being given away?

Of course not.

Nobody listens or pays attention to details.

Your first born belongs to us now.


Wow, that’s a long time!

hahahah :joy: :joy: :joy: that actually made me literally LOL! Too funny… and very telling as well! I would feel like… “Okay :thinking: welpppp, you would have won this prize but because you don’t even know what it is or why you called… NOPE. Bye bye!” :neutral_face:

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Good idea. I have found I often need to the buyer thst they will be prompted to send their information in the order form and to leat me know if they have questions about it.

It works pretty well.

When it hasn’t worked and I’ve still had to tease the information out of the buyer, it’s turned out it was a very bad buyer. I see it as a red flag if I have to tease information out of a buyer.

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