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Why don't sellers just do it right first time?


Very good points! Im happy to say that I’ve found a brilliant editor and word wizard, now just to find the reliable graphic designer! :grin:
There was one time I had a seamless, efficient service but the seller is no longer on here.


Glad to hear that, good luck in your future searches as well!


I think the hardest client to please is the one who knows how to do what they are hiring someone else to do. I find myself in this quagmire almost every time I am looking for help on a project I am working on. It’s even harder for me a seller because the last thing I want is to be a problematic client to a fellow seller.


Very possibly! thanks for the comment.


Well speaking from an audio mixers perspective, music and art is very subjective and with out having the client in the same room even more challenging, we are looking at least 3-5 revisions on a gig with a new client and still 2-3 with returning clients some times. A lot of time that can be due to the language barriers working internationally where the buyer and seller speak different languages and some communication is lost through translation or even just people using different slang terminology to describe something they want. Reading revision notes is an art and a skill of its own that take time to develop.


As a designer myself, I can tell you that it is never my goal to drag out an order. It’s just as frustrating for me as it is for you when revisions keep coming back. The ultimate goal is acceptance on the first delivery every time.

With that being said, I have had some BAD days where I’m misreading/misinterpreting comments and the delivery is incorrect. I’ve also had clients use incorrect verbiage when trying to refer to something and the wrong thing gets changed. Things just happen.

I feel like if this is a constant problem for you, maybe reviewing how you’re communicating with sellers is something you need to do. While it may seem plain and simple to you, you can’t choose how the seller interprets what you’re saying.


I totally understand how audio mixing needs a lot of discussion and revisions. I was referring more to graphic design, perhaps I should have specified that.


I appreciate your perspective, and yes I completely understand about misinterpretations and ‘things happening’. I can say with confidence that the prolonged experiences I am referring to are definitely NOT due to me not explaining properly. Perhaps I should contact you next time.