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Why don't sellers read directions?

Now before I get a lot of hate from sellers I understand buyers are guilty of this as well.

My issue is mainly with using the buyer requests feature. I constantly get people responding trying to sell unrelated gigs or responding with form letter responses that again are unrelated. They also like to not put their not real price for the job either putting $5 or listing the price you listed only to later ask for more money when you contact them which is normally learned after spending time talking with them thinking the price was already settled and if I disclosed more information that could alter price that would be one thing but with most my listings the specifics of the job were already listed in black and white.

I can understand why you’re frustrated, but I was more interested in the paragraph you removed from your post to be honest.

Perhaps you need to look at your ‘vetting process’ again - are you asking sellers to do too much for nothing, before you’ve ordered from them?

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Possibly it is a decent amount of items but it’s not a very complicated task if anything it shows me right away if they understand English or not. Basically, alls I ask them to do is list topics like paranormal creatures and cultures in order of confidence and interest. Then list a few genres in the same order. Then provide a paragraph sample of comedy action and romance.

All these things build a writer profile I can use and compare and contrast with other writers to assign the right job to each of them. I have about 10 writers working on stories every month at any given time. So what I mentioned about having no shortage of jobs is true I simply need what I need in order to have each writer do their best work and enjoy working with me. Good work always comes from a happy writer. At the end of the day that’s my goal building a strong working relationship with sellers.

Well, I can understand English, but you’ve lost me completely with that lot! :slight_smile:

Good luck!


I am only guessing from reading this thread, but it sounds like you might be trying to vet sellers by having them do more than 2-3 minutes of work without compensation or guarantee.

There are so many writers on Fiverr, many reasonably priced and/or with discount options for new buyers.

I bet you could find someone without using buyer requests, but pay $5 for your vetting tasks or at least shorten the task list. Paranormal creatures must be treated carefully. :slight_smile:


Might be an approach I need to take I know both sellers and buyers have been having a lot of trouble making use of the buyer request feature. Probably going to have to stick with digging through the galleries.


Honestly, spending a couple of hours and a couple of $5 orders is the most time and cost effective way to find people on Fiverr. Yes, you spend a bit in the beginning but when you have done it you are likely to have found established sellers who will be around for a long time and so you can simply order from them on a continuous basis without any more digging.
It has worked out well for me. What you are asking sounds reasonably reasonable but you should understand that sellers get a large amount of requests for “free samples” and many experienced sellers will simply dismiss those buyers who sound like that.
Placing a basic order commands a bit of attention and respect as well as setting you apart from other buyers. You mention wanting to build relationships with sellers - well like everywhere else, first impressions count!