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Why don't show my gigs?


I am new one of fiverr.I searching my gig but don’t show my gigs.
Please experience person suggest me


Hey Miner_bd and welcome to the fiverr community,

New gigs take some time to get reviewed and get their first ranking in their category


Thank you so much for suggest


Just wait few days. It will come to the rank.


First time it take some time . …


I’m in the same boat as you @miner_bd, and I was wondering if your gig has showed up yet?

Mine is published and active, but the video is still being processed/reviewed. I saw one person (don’t remember who) comment that none of their gigs showed up until they added video, so I’m hoping that is the only issue. I’ve also seen a lot of things in the forum suggesting that Fiverr is doing a lot of changes and maintenance with search algorithms or something, so that’s probably affecting everything!

My main concern is how do new sellers get orders? Even if my gig shows up in the search results, it’ll probably be last because I’m a new seller and have had no reviews. I’ve promoted on all of my social media sites, but I don’t have many followers and probably none that would need this service. Any suggestions outside of changing the gig itself? Thanks!