Why don't they fix this?


Why is it okay for someone to take the work I gave them and then cancel the order? I proofread and edit, it’s kind of hard to say I didn’t do what ‘you wanted’ when I fix all the grammar and spelling mistakes in your 3k word work that was hardly in distinguishable English to begin with… I get so frustrated because I really do work hard to make my customers happy, and now and again they really do screw us over. I lost a $15.00 order today because someone cancelled (which is fine) AND GOT TO KEEP THE WORK (not…fine…).

Is there some way you guys can implement a window - that lets them check the work and then ask if they WANT TO KEEP IT AND PAY BEFORE THEY CAN DOWNLOAD IT. Like a browser only full preview of what the attachment is or whatever…That way if they say no and cancel, us sellers don’t get screwed over for the time we spent actually working… :frowning:

And yes, I do make attempts to re-deliver when I can, I don’t have but 3 cancels and I really don’t want any more.

These people do not want to re-deliver, they INTEND TO TAKE OUR WORK… why doesn’t fiverr fix this? I feel taken advantage of every time it happens, and I’m upset (not angry, pissed or mad), just disappointed and upset. I like it here and I hope they do something about this soon.


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Hi there Cass,

I feel and understand your sentiments, I like to give you my “Virtual Hug” and want to say… Everything will be just fine…

…and to continue… Hey “bachas85” haven’t mommy visited you yet? Anyhow, you have a point.

“Time is Money” and “it doesn’t matter if the buyer accepts it or not, as long as you deliver what you advertise” With regard to Cass’ previous issue with his buyer, I agree that this is true. Cass, you should’ve not accepted your buyer’s cancellation. And if he leaves you with a negative feedback after… You may contact the CS Team and let them review the feedback, when they find that it’s the buyer’s fault, they will reverse/remove the negative feedback. The CS Team is considerate enough to do this, just make sure you have all the proof (screenies or screencast).

When you engaged this type of buyers and you know for yourself that you’re on the good side, let the buyer leave you a negative feedback. And seek the help of the CS Team.

Any how, I hope Fiverr’s management and the dev team will consider your suggestion for the fix. Or maybe provide certain policy/rules, feature or functions that will tackle situation/circumstance like that you had experienced with your buyer.


I see - I understand. I don’t really get ‘‘bullied’’ often either. I know that IS an option but to be frank, why should anyone have to do that? Would it not be easier to just make it to where the buyer has to approve the work before they can download? I mutually cancelled with these 3 buyers to avoid the headache of the first one that I ever tried to have reversed. It took a week. Something like this should be addressed completely and not just brushed under the rug for the seller to deal with later, we have enough going on.

I also know there are LOTS of sellers who have this same issue, and that’s mostly why I write this, because I read about it on the forums all the time. I just think Fiverr should take the concern seriously, because it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth as a seller to know that everyone of my purchasers could potentially do what that customer did. Not that they would, but they shouldn’t even have the option. It’s a big loophole in the entire process of buying and selling, they should really close it.

Sellers shouldn’t have to worry about being bullied by anyone, for anything.


Reply to @bachas85: By ‘you’ I mean CS reading my tickets.


Through some grace of holy fiverr heaven, i was recently offered the chance to mutually close this gig… I sent it to the buyer… hahaha we shall see… we shall see…

In the meantime… I’m not leaving this alone. There are too many other sellers who get screwed over this EXACT same way with no recourse. It’s a shame really. You guys have such a good site, if only you would take care of it’s patrons better.


Thanks for all the advice guys, it makes me feel better knowing someone out there gives a little bit of a crap… even a little one :stuck_out_tongue: I wanted to share my experiences with Fiverr CS on this topic so that I can highlight the kind of troubles were having…

My buyer did finally submit for delivery, but only after calling me ‘mean’ and telling me to ‘take his money’ after I offered a refund and a mutual cancellation. This buyer clearly wants to leave a bad feedback, which he did. So, taking the forum advice (again) I sent in a new, fresh request, with all the info, PLEADING with fiverr to remove the feedback, telling them I don’t even want the money. I want my perfect score to stay perfect!!

Here is what I got in reply:

Hi there,

Thanks for your message. Please note that canceling an order and removing feedback are two separate actions, and one does not automatically lead to the other. Unfortunately we cannot remove this information without their consent. If you are willing to cancel and refund your orders to remove the feedback, please first offer your buyers a refund in exchange for feedback removal, and let us know how your buyers respond.

You can also send your buyers a mutual cancellation request if the order is still clearing (if you had delivered it less than 14 days ago). If your buyer accepts the request, the order is cancelled and the feedback removed. (Please note that the feedback is only removed if the buyer accepts the request.)

Best wishes,

(name removed)

  1. NO one ever said you had to have a buyers consent to remove feedback.

  2. Only the buyer can instigate a mutual cancellation. If I do it myself, it’s a penalty!


  4. He will not remove the feedback, FOR. SURE.

  5. He delivered it - so I can’t wait for a mutual for 14 days, because you told me to get him to ACCEPT IT!!

    Once again I’m stuck at the mercy of poor Fiverr CS and a really crappy buyer (singular, this happens like, maybe once every now and then… but still) . Why, in the world, do you do this too us? Give us a LITTLE power over our deliveries!

    Either that, or please consider removing PUNISHMENTS from sellers who are forced to cancel!

    Looks like I will have to start sending previews and getting okays on the 24-35 orders I get every day in order to cover my own ass. Talk about not being worth it. Fix your stuff fiverr. You continue to leave us sellers out here to chase our own tails.


Sorry to revive an old thread, but I just took your advice bachas85 and guess what I got. A big fat NO. I pretty much got told to go sort out my issue with my buyer, or cancel the order. Why do i have to be punished! I did everything I said I would and the buyer is trying to bully me! He’s now offering me LESS money for the job I already did because he wanted to add items onto the order after the fact, and I said no.

He asked for an essay that he could use for a speech. He got one! Now hes asking me for all this junk!

He won’t accept my delivery, I contacted fiverr, and they say “Oh, we cant MAKE him take it.” Then let me cancel without penalty!! There is no way this buyer is going to agree to a mutual, he thinks I’m trying to cheat him! This buyer CLEARLY asked for an essay and then keeps messaging me in Broken English Gibberish about adding more crap! But fiverr dares come back and tells me that I NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT I KNOW WHAT I’M AGREEING TO DO…

There is no confusion dear fiverr! I get that there is a language barrier, but the original message said NOTHING, BUT AN ESSAY. So that’s what he got! I want to be paid!


So I just keep annoying the crap out of you guys until you fix it?? :confused:

How can they do anything? The buyer is just going to keep asking for a re-delivery.

I see no way where this ends with me paid. Just more of me delivering and them mutually cancelling… i.e. no pay. I don’t even care about the money it’s the damn principle…

firehazardrav said: but I just took your advice bachas85 and guess what I got. A big fat NO. I pretty much got told to go sort out my issue with my buyer, or cancel the order. Why do i have to be punished! I did everything I said I would and the buyer is trying to bully me!

I feel your pain.... My only negative was from exactly your situation... I delivered exactly what was promised and shown in my examples.... After I pointed out their policy, they stopped responding.

bachas85 said: Unfortunately CS isn't consistent all over...


bachas85 said: Unfortunately CS isn't consistent all over...

Insist, ask for a new CS rep to help you, and fall back on Fiverr's own policy: http://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/200051156-How-to-make-sure-you-get-what-you-paid-for



Generally there is a few main things you can do now and for the future.

Open another ticket, fresh start. Clarify very clearly where you made the changes and reflect it by attaching the original document. When it comes to some of my gigs and my gig extras, I make it very clear to CS if someone is giving me a hard time what I offer in general, and what I offer with an extra. If you can clearly show the changes for CS to see(perhaps use a different font or highlight them, that could help too.) and provide as others have stated above, their own policy. I actually plan on attempting to contact CS for an issue where I made a “typo” but the buyer couldn’t prove to me where the typo was. They also previously ordered 10 other gigs with a positive experience(feedback even left.), so clearly they were just trying to give me a hard time to get more orders out of me but that didn’t happen.

For future revisions, perhaps before completing the order you can rather than send them the revised article, take a screen-shot of it. If they’re happy with the results, deliver it in order. If they clearly stated they were satisfied with the results but after order completion they try to change it on you, CS will usually be on your side.

Offer less. If people are giving you a hard time, offer less. Add more in with your extras, this way when you work hard, you get paid a good amount of pay, and for the more simple orders(which are usually placed by the hassle buyers), you won’t feel so bad about a cancellation. I have had more trouble with initial gig orders, than those that have ordered ALL my gig extras as they tend to realize that what they’re getting is an amazing deal, as they should with you. For $15, they would be lucky to get 100 to 200 words proofread and edited anywhere else.


Reply to @bachas85: But then you get a negative review even if you get to keep your five dollars. Ergo no more sales ergo no more fiverrs