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Why don't they just change the name to Freerr?

This makes #4 request for free work in 2 days

What do you think if I send over a short clip (like 30 seconds) of audio I won’t be using anywhere just to get an idea of what it would sound like after your editing.

No. I think you are dreamin’

What is worse, when I sent an example that was pretty dramatic from a political singer client, merely to show different results, from different processing, he gets snarky with me! I’m not the guy asking to spend someone’s time for no return.

People need to learn that asking for free trial work is not ok.

Besides, if I mix this one trial thing, it doesn’t mean that I can apply that work to the next thing. I know some hacks mix everything by formulas or presets but that is because they are hacks and it shows in the $5 results.

What does one have to do to get to talk to real buyers, people who will pay for the things they want done and trust enough to let it happen???



I think it is a great idea, and you will get a feel of what my editing sounds like. Let me send you an offer for my sample work.


I feel your pain. It was similar when I offered voice over services. People would often ask if I could voice “just a small section of script” so they could “get a feel for how my voice would work” with their project.

“No” was always my response. Firstly, my portfolio had a range of samples. Secondly, my gig description stated what services I offered. Thirdly this is Fiverr, where market competition has driven down prices so low that the time spent on doing a sample would equate to the value of buying a gig.

Also, there was more than one occasion when I thought the ‘sample’ script they provided was the entire script - so they would basically get the voice over for free. Yes, I could have not read the whole script, or changed words, or put an audio watermark on the result - but all this felt like an untrustworthy game.

Except for a few original clients, I stopped providing voice services through Fiverr simply because it was hassle. People wanting free custom samples, free retakes, sometimes free editing and production (that was clearly stated as not provided).

I basically decided that offering any creative service on Fiverr was asking for trouble.


I hear you.

I actually forgot it was 5 yesterday. Two were on another site (one from the daughter of a slightly famous Movie Director) so it isn’t just Fiverr thing but a generalized sense of being unable to take a chance on anything that isn’t already nailed down in triplicate with a gold plated guarantee. This is not how art works.

I have 12 years of Portfolio on on YouTube alone. My Bandcamp goes right back to 1989 and includes the material that nearly got me signed to record labels (curse you Grunge & Techno). I have things that cover just about any occasion I can cover, yet the only way to not get abused by people who believe they own my life is to give them my life for free. Probably only to be told, oh no we don’t need it anymore as that is what has happened every darned time I have tried that route.

I have tried the sample job route too. It is like I just :poop: on them when they were being the nicest person ever. Asking me to free work proves how much they respect me and my work!

I must say it is very hard to know how to work past this as not only is there not any work at any price despite all the time I put into these people in proposals etc but I end up being the one made to feel bad. I am just so angry that it is what happens and all the platforms seem to let it slide despite their TOS saying NO FREE WORK. In the middle of this, some kid (who probably has no work to show) publicly insulted my work as half-baked because he didn’t like the politics of my client.

I would abandon all these places if I could just find that Galt’s Gulch where real people doing real work are.

Still Grrr



Here’s a good one from another place:

Looking for an amazing producer to create beats and mix in vocal track for a personal development audio project. Outcome is to create a 3min hip hop inspired affirmation track for clients. Looking to develop a long term business partnership. The first project is an MPV as the product is advanced we can look at investing more in to production.

Yes indeed, who would be looking for a terrible Composer - the word is Composer people. ? is an MPV. IMO IDK WTF that might be. There are many options to choose from (below) but in 30 years of being a Composer, this is a new Anachronism on me. Maybe it is because I am not an amazing producer". Sigh.

|MPV|Multi-Purpose Vehicle|
|MPV|Muslims for Progressive Values (Los Angeles, CA)|
|MPV|Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley (organic chemistry)|
|MPV|Mean Platelet Volume (blood test)|
|MPV|Multi Purpose Vehicle|
|MPV|Manual Procedure Viewer|
|MPV|Microsoft Project View|
|MPV|Mpeg Video|
|MPV|Mine Protected Vehicle|
|MPV|Mouse Parvovirus|
|MPV|MassMutual Participation Investors (Springfield, MA)|
|MPV|Membrane Pressure Vessel|
|MPV|Multipurpose Passenger Vehicles|
|MPV|Minimum Price Variation (smallest increment of a stock price)|
|MPV|Mobile Performance Venue (architecture design)|
|MPV|Major Projects Victoria (Australia)|
|MPV|Marine Protection Vessel (UK)|
|MPV|Music Photo Video|
|MPV|Mechanically Propelled Vehicle|
|MPV|Movement for Principals and Values (Guatemala)|
|MPV|Market Potential Value (micromarket index)|
|MPV|Material Price Variance|
|MPV|Military Pay Voucher|
|MPV|MIPCC Powered Vehicle (DARPA)|
|MPV|Mars Piloted Vehicle|
|MPV|Religious Teachers Venerini (religious order)|
|MPV|Mobile Packaging Van (LANL)|
|MPV|Multi-Peptide Vaccine|
|MPV|Multi-Port Ventilator|
|MPV|Ministria e Pushtetit Vendor (Albanian: Ministry of Local Government)|

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