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Why don't they just place my Gig where they think it should be?

I have a Gig I started a week or so ago that has had 3 purchases so far. Yesterday I decided to add a video to it, so of course it had to be checked by the editors, and today I wake up to find out that the Editors have decided my Gig is in the wrong place. Instead of just placing it where they think it should go, they leave it up to me. Well, I put it where I wanted it to begin with - the only place it fit! If they don’t like that and think it belongs somewhere else, why don’t they just move it themselves instead of making me waste my time looking around for something I didn’t find the first time I Iooked for a place to put it, before I decided on a place that seemed reasonable, and where it has brought me 3 purchases?

Good question.

I don’t have an answer for you, but it’s a good question! :-/

Another question - why can’t we contact editors who “flag” our gigs? I just received a flag on a virtual assistant gig. I think it was because there was something wrong with the image I uploaded, but they had 4 things listed (it was a stock rejection form) and none of them fit. As a virtual assistant, I do anything and that is what my image reflects. I just resubmitted it without changing anything.

The whole Fiverr communication process sucks frankly.