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Why don't they leave a review!

I have recently started getting orders on fiverr and out of 8 orders that I completed so far only 4 left a review. Sometimes it gets frustrating when they tell you they are happy with the work but in the end don’t leave you a review.

Also, I wonder what effect it causes. Like what impression do other buyers visiting my gig or profile get. I always imagine they’d be like: “What! Only half of the people said they’re good maybe they are not that good afterall” and walk away.

I know being too much, maybe, but I can’t help be concerned.

There is no reason to be concerned at all. Some buyers do not leave reviews, and that is absolutely fine. You do not review all the Amazon products you purchase or all the restaurants you visit either, right? Many buyers simply do not want what they purchase to be public knowledge.

Also, buyers cannot see how many orders you have received, only your number of reviews. So there is nothing to worry about there either.

My ‘Rated Orders %’ is only 53 (similar to yours), and I think I have done quite well for myself.

Many buyers do not even thank you when you deliver the work. They simply download it and move on, so getting a compliment is great! That means they enjoyed your work, and that is something that should bring you joy, not concern.


Thank you, your comment really cheered me up! :blush:


Great comment, thank you.

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