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Why don't we get told what our account warnings are?


Seems a little bit silly. Past few days, I have only dealt with customers I have worked with in the past, so I know I didn’t do anything wrong with them. I have not upset any other customer, so nothing there either.

So, now I have to waste time getting in touch with customer support and they now have a new ticket to answer, when really they could have just…told me what I did in the first place.


Good question. :thinking:

Maybe because so that you don’t target the person who placed a complaint against you? :rolling_eyes:


They ask you to check the terms and conditions so that you know what you did wrong. The terms and conditions are long. So long (and also, I know what I didn’t do wrong).

They always tell me when I get in touch with them what I did wrong and who with, just such a long and cumbersome process. Once I received 2 account warnings for the same order:

  1. Failing to deliver a free article (I was about 7 minutes passed my promised time frame and delivered it instantly)
  2. Bribery by offering a free article in the first place

So, I am always miffed as to why a warning pops up because I never intend to break the ToS. I have also been in touch with the clients who may have been upset, and none of them have been in touch, and they placed a new order with me anyway. All I have to rely on is:

"Hi ryangillam,

A recent action you took violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service. To create a fair and respectable marketplace, we ask that you read and follow the Terms of Service.
If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

The Fiverr Team"


I agree but they don’t want to argue with people is why they do it.


My response was:

“You are obligated to deliver everything to your buyers when you deliver.”

I have. Every single time. Not one complaint from any buyer that they have not received any of their files. Not one piece of negative feedback on my account saying that the client did not receive everything. This is a clear lie on Fiverr’s part. They won’t even tell me the order.


I now have a message saying:

“Your account may be suspended or even permanently disabled.”

I am miffed because based on what they said, this report comes from a customer who left amazing positive feedback a couple of days ago, and who has placed over 30 orders with me, one of which I am currently working on.

There is an indication that Fiverr is going through orders at random and dishing out account warnings. This client said he did not submit a ticket. He also left five star reviews on every order he has placed with me. So, this is a very weird situation.

The client said that when a gig is delivered, the client is given a box where they can make comments that the seller can’t see. In this box he put “deliver gigs quicker” when they asked him what can be done to improve my service. This was enough for a trigger into looking into that particular order, leading me to an account warning. There was 14 days between the gig being delivered and the account warning.

Note: it was not even for the situation that was mentioned before. I had an issue with attaching files and I told the client “don’t blame me. blame Fiverr” because their site seemed to be timing out on me every time I attached more than a certain number of files each day. So, apparently this means that I should be warned and put my account at risk of suspension with over $700 waiting to be withdrawn. Great!

So, yep. In summary; there is a new way to rate sellers, and if the client puts something bad in that box, you can’t see it, but you are going to get investigated!


I wonder what they say about me. I get some great reviews so it would be hard to imagine bad private ones but who knows. Occasionally I get some really grumpy buyers but not usually.

It sounds like they warn you once a month that way.