Why don't we see buyers' rating?


When a buyer leaves a review with rating and a seller can do the same then, why don’t we see any rating on buyers’ accounts? What if there are buyers that often leave bad reviews and always not satisfied, there must be a possibility for sellers to see buyers’ rating and choose if they want to work with such buyers same as buyers choose a seller.


This has been suggested for ages, yet nothing has been done about it. It would be so nice to have buyer ratings. And even better to have a seller setting that does not allow buyers with less than good rating to even place an order. But it would mean slighly less sales, and Fiverr is a company. And companies want sales to happen. That’s also why there’s no seller protection currently, so malicious buyers can roam free and nothing can be done about them. But let’s hope those can be blocked one day! :slight_smile:


Why then we do even have the option to leave a review as the answer for a buyer’s review? Like if we suddenly see that buyer’s review on someone’s gig we would be warned. Otherwise it means nothing.


Just google the name of the buyer and write next to it fiverr review. You can see all the reviews then :slight_smile:
That is what I do.


This is the first time i have hear this on last 4 years.
Why you misguided him?
thats not true