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Why don't we use our talents for helping others? :)

Hi guys,

How is it going? I’ve always wanted to help people and recently realized that there is no platform for people to sell and buy products/services which are aimed to benefit people who need our help!(There is E-bay Charity, but it’s not too popular)

Eventually, I would like to set up my own e-commerce store where only sellers that are selling products from which a certain percentage (10-100%) of sales revenue would be going to a good cause are allowed to host their products on! So, till then, I came up with an idea to get started on the process already!

But, till then, I am offering a Fiverr Gig to get started on the cause and test my idea! Anybody here with valuable suggestions is more than welcome to give me advice and comments :slight_smile: And if you believe in my cause, then help me out by spreading the word!

The process is completely transparent! You can ask for receipts, financial statements, letter from the chairpersons of the organizations, bank statement screenshots! Anything at all for you to help a good cause come to life :slight_smile: Also, please let me know if the gig price is reasonable and whether you are willing to purchase it(The cost of making the earrings is around $3 each and shipping differs but from India to U.S is at a little more than $10 and Fiverr takes $ 5)

Thanks all,


I think your idea is nice, but I’m not so sure about the sample image you put for your gig.

I love to make my own jewelry too, but the photo doesn’t look hand made. I mean, if it really is

indeed handmade, you have some great skills.

Having that said, I don’t think just one photo is not enough to convince people.

You should post more photos with the sample of the box and the note you have mentioned

in your description.

BTW, you are posting the same message every where, this would be considered

spamming. Be careful, spamming at the forum is one of the worst way to drive potential

buyers away from you.


Thanks for your advice! I’ll make the changes :slight_smile: Just new to Fiverr! Yes, it’s a mix of handcrafted and handmade… I make the designs and final pieces, but the components are handcrafted!

This is a wonderful idea! Hope it works out for you! :slight_smile:

This is a good thought, however in the rules of Fiverr, you have to offer something for $5. So your title of your gig is then misleading.

Also, you are not allowed to give out personal contact information, so offering to send chairpeople’s names, bank screenshots would be a problem.

If you are selling a physical product there may be many other outlets to do so, and just say in your write up that you are donating a percentage of the profits to X organization. Maybe an etsy shop? Have you tried that, they are for handmade items.