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WHY don't you ( or can't you) REEEEAAAAAADDD!


OK, so this is nothing new.

Buyers who just do not or cannot read. I am sure that we are not asking for too much, but what is it with people who just do not read the instructions before placing the orders???

It would be great ( or might be a bit helpful at least) if fiverr can create this new system where whenever the buyers click on “order now”, a window pops up asking them “DID YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY?” and when they click “yes,” another window pops up saying “ARE YOU SURE??? TILL THE END???” At least it would be more in-your-face, and that might make them read it. Or, it might be great if a window popped up with lights flashing or something with the instructions listed there.

The worst ones for me is when people place an order, and it is clearly written in my instruction box that for certain orders, it requires more than one gig, and when I remind the buyers about that, they say “Oh, sorry, I didn’t see that part.” There was even this buyer who said something like "Why are you charging more than five dollars, I thought this site is called fiverr, not tenner or fifteenerr. True, but still.

Please, people, read. Please fiverr, can you create a pop-up window? I’m sure there will still be people who will not read, but

I think it will help. Sigh.


Thank you madmoo and arnevb, I will check them out!! :smiley: