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Why dont you prefer New sellers?

Well… I am a new freelancer and what I have seen here is that buyers go for Top rated busy sellers who don’t really communicate properly because they have heaps of work. Secondly, they can get almost the required quality with much less money and they wont have to pay extra 20$ for within 20 hours thing.

Reply to @mrproofreading: No if you check my main gig (PS blue) you will see that average delivery is 24 hours. But I got a few of those cancellations during holidays seasons and new year, It was a learnt lesson. :slight_smile:

Maybe they don’t like me yes :wink: who knows. It’s ok fiverr was good to me so far.

PS: Sorry for the offtopic guys.

Reply to @radugeorgescu: I don’t know because I don’t work for fiverr. Maybe they don’t like you. :slight_smile:

Seriously though, do you tend to deliver late a lot? I noticed you’ve got some “cancelled order, seller failed to deliver on time” feedback on your gig. These can only be left 24 hours after the order deadline.

Reply to @salu1997: Well you won’t get any traffic unless you fix your gig.

A bunch of sellers have offered you advice, which you can either take or not.

Reply to @mrproofreading: Hello what about my case… what am I missing ? No TRS yet. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

@dtongsports Thats what I should expect. Because I think I have a pretty satisfactory gig. But you made a very good point there about building network .I will definitely focus on that. Thanks!

Reply to @mrproofreading: This isn’t the problem. My point is that how am I gonna earn when hardly there is any traffic on my gig?

That exactly is the doubt I want to clear from buyers minds that If someone has posted a gig , he would definitely know about the work and he will do it if he orders. They are too General about new buyers.

Salu, you make some valid points. Still, instead of worrying about Top Rated Sellers, why not fix your own gig? Your profile alone has some grammar errors that no paid writer should ever make.

Reply to @madmoo: I am getting your point but now the competition is much greater . My point was if someone needs a formal 200 word article , why should he pay 20 $ for it? This will, inturn,hurt other buyers as the rates will go up and fiverr will no longer remain 5$ thing.

But yeah I dont want to take anything from TRSellers. They have worked pretty hard ( I know how hard it is to start) and they deserve all what they are getting. Its just that I wanted to clear some misconceptions like Never trust new buyers etc etc…They should text them and if they find the gig legitimate , Only then they should order.

Reply to @sara1984: Thanks! I will work on them.

Most Top Rated Sellers are busy because they have built a repeat clientele that keeps coming back. This takes time. New sellers have to be patient and understand that just like a corporation, you have to work your way up the Fiverr ladder. You think just because you create a gig that you should get all of the exposure?? Although Fiverr sometimes plays favorites, don’t count on it. Build your network and your repeat clients and by next year you will be Top Rated Seller and will also be very busy. Patience and persistence is the only way…

DTong (TRS)

Like @madmoo, I too buy and sell (192 purchases so far).

Early last year, I started ordering from a brand new seller (0 reviews). His gig description was perfect, he had a short response time, and he genuinely seemed to care.

Since then, I’ve purchased from him 80 times (a mixture of different projects). About two weeks ago, he got promoted to top-rated seller.

Patience and perseverance are key.

You definitely need to work on your gig offering, not blasting top-rated sellers.

A few things I’ve noticed about your gig:

  • As mentioned above, you need to work on your grammar/punctuation.
  • Your gig title is vague. It doesn’t contain the most essential keyword, which is “write”
  • You need to remain consistent with how you capitalise words.
  • You’ve included the gig extra to “tip for excellent and quick work”, yet you only have one review. This isn’t something I would do.
  • You’ve included editing, proofreading and literature reviews under your “writing services”. These aren’t writing services.

    Good luck!

Reply to @salu1997:

Writing gigs are extremely popular on Fiverr. There’s lots of competition, but many buyers will try different sellers, just out of curiosity.

You WILL get your chance in this niche. Trust me. :slight_smile: You just have to make sure you’re ready for it with a great gig and a great skill set. It may take time though, so be patient.

If you’re good, customers will eventually come. I promise.

I would diversify my gigs a little bit and not expect one very obscure, specific gig to do all the work. Plus, you have no image on your only gig and it is riddled with grammar errors.

I just purchases a gig from someone with no rating and the reason I did, I felt they would try their hardest on my gig. I went back and forth on ideas from the seller then when he sent me the finished logo I purchase the gig from him. I was concern that if I would have purchase the gig first he would nickel and dime me.

Reply to @edeverett: that’s correct, i just received my 1° order like about 2 weeks ago and just like you said, i put all my effort and hard work so the buyer could come again for my services (2D AutoCad Drawing) and from there up to today i´ve received more orders :slight_smile:

Reply to @vainpaper: My main writing gig was in pending approval section. Its back now.

Reply to @sara1984: I hope so. :slight_smile: Thanks !

Reply to @mrproofreading: I have edited my gig. I am really thankful for the advices!