Why dozens orders in que of sellers


you should limit to sellers who get dozens of orders. it will be helpful for both buyers and sellers.mostly those who get orders then out source to others on small amount please try to review it then you will get good potiential sellers.


My queue is a result of my clients being happy with my work and wanting me to do more for them.
If you want orders, then work for it. Nobody deserves to have them just handed to them.


I use a designer who always has at least 30 orders in his queue and I wouldn’t use anyone else. He’s popular for a good reason.


i am not asking u to use other designer.but for a seller must be a limit


You want one specific seller to have fewer orders? Or sellers from specific countries? Why?
You can set the limit for yourself, orders of other people are their concern.


What do you think this is - Cuba?


See, this is the big issue with so many forum users who want the rules to change to suit them.
It is not other sellers success which is the reason for you to not succeed, it is your own lack of effort.

And of course, the classic “it’s all the foreigner’s fault” excuse comes out too…
Take some responsibility and get to work.


i want that a limit should set for sellers that they can take 30 orders 40 orders then good for sellers and buyers


Or America?:neutral_face:


Don’t want to start an international incident! :wink::wink:


yes I want to help new sellers


We were all new sellers once…


Nope, feels like you just want more for yourself. What you’re talking about will in no way benefit you if you can’t do what you do well. And if you can, no one else’s queue can influence yours, that’s just ridiculous. Plenty of buyers out there, if you’re good at what you do some will certainly buy from you.


Why would it matter if someone has 50 orders in their queue? Do you think that means that other sellers would get the spillover if they were limited?

Rich people should be limited in how much money they have so we get the excess! :crazy_face:


yes i think for top rated limit 50 orders level 2 30 orders level 1 15 orders new seller 5 orders limit


rich should help new poor sellers


New poor sellers should figure out how to get their own orders, by being great at what they do, so buyers line up to hire them.

This is not a charity. People want to hire the best sellers. So be the best.


No they really shouldn’t.


It’s every seller for herself on fiverr. We all have the same chance to get sales. Sink or swim based on your ability.

If you have to look at successful sellers and think they should help you, then you are missing the entire point of this site.


Meh, beggars cannot be choosers…

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