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Why dropped my gig in search appear after editing?

My gig has been at the top of the ranks for so long. Then I added a video in this gig and edited some details. Then this gig went down a lot. Searching but I can’t find my gig. Why did this happen?

Hi @jamshedul65. Once you published your gig never try to edit that. Because it effect your gig ranking so much drop. My suggestion is never edit a gig after published. Re-create Gig better then Gig Edit. Hope this will help.
Thank you.

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It’s the same issue with me. 2 months back I got promoted to seller 2. My business was going very good. My gig was on the first page. Then all of a sudden one month back my gig gone to page 6. I edited it and now it is not available in the search result? I contacted Fiverr support, they replied that my gig is under review and they would get back to me after 10 business days. Kindly advise if you have any solution or advice for it? Thanks