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Why every business or professionals need to have own website. Here is the insights


Hey guys,

I hope you’redoing great works in this world. Also you’re a man who always like to follow your own intuition. That’s absolutely great. Today many professional’s life was changed by I am very proud about to be a member of fiverr community. And i also pray for growing this more fast as possible.

My Story as Web Developer

In this world today every second so many websites are getting registered and launch to this world. We’re people who’re using social networks, blogs and service pages. These everything were created by web developers. Today fiverr was simplified this task by introducing best professionals to turn your dream website into reality. Also no matter how much money do you have. By the way you won’t have to spend 1000s of dollars for buying domain, hosting and designing the website. Everything has been changed now. At 2010 i was firstly put my first step into web design industry. At that time i was just 13 years old.

Also i don’t have computer at that time to learn how to build websites. So i only had a mobile phone which is supported GPRS service for accessing internet. But that is absolutely very slow connection. But i didn’t felt slow at that time. Because i never had experience with 3G or Modem Connection. So using my mobile Nokia 6080 Model i was browsing internet and learned how to create mobile ready websites. Also i had created numerous amount of silly mobile sites using XHTML. :slight_smile:

Actually i was born in a small village in sri lanka. The village doesn’t have much technological knowledge at that time. Today here 80% of the peoples are using internet at least they’re using imo, mesenger, facebook, whatsapp and so on. So the technology have emerged today.

And i was worked with peoples as a freelance web developer in nearby cities and also i worked on numerous freelance platforms except Today i am new to fiverr. But not a newbie. Everyone today want to have a website. I always feel i am unique person in this world. Nobody can fill my position anyways.

I always giving more than what people paid to me. That’s my ethos!

Why every professionals and companies need to build their own website?

Today technology has emerged! if you don’t have website it’s very critical to reach beyond your potential customers. Because they’re all peoples transform to technology era. If you’re still persist in oldest era it’s going to be nightmare for your business in near future.

Here are so many freelancers available for developing websites. They’re all doing great job. And they’re providing you great services at reasonable cost. Also i was joined this community for giving all in one solution for peoples who want to create website.

You can click on above link to learn more about it. i don’t know you’re a man will buy gigs from freelancers who doesn’t have any reviews. But i would like to get my first review from people who always inspire me. They’re always giving opportunities for new comers. I really love these people. If you’re that one and if you have an idea to create a website for you. then just give me an opportunity for make it into reality.

Thank you for taking time to read my post.

Best Regards
Rikas MS