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Why every buyer should have a Team Account

Note: “The team account feature is no longer available as of Feb 7, 2018.”

Are you a buyer, that is a buyer only and not a seller, also? If so, you may want to consider opening a Team Account. This is by far one of the best features 5r has implemented to help any and all buyers, from the occasional to the frequent.

When making small purchases, that is anything under $20, it saves us quite a bit of money in transaction fees. Yes, you can be a team of ONE.

You know that dreaded transaction fee that is tacked on to every purchase? If we want to tip our seller at the end then there is more transaction fee added.

You hire ten sellers (individually) for a $5 gig, that’s $1 in transaction fees. You give all of them $5 tip, that’s another $1 fee. You paid $20 in transaction fees.

You can save some money in one of two ways.

(1) If you are buying several gigs and know whom you want to hire, put the gigs into your basket. You know that tiny shopping cart next to your avatar? Once you have at least $20.00 worth in the cart, then buy it all at once. You will pay $1 in fee for all of them or 5% whichever is higher.

(2) If you have a “Team Account” - you already paid the transaction fee, of 5%. You can buy as many $5 gigs as your heart desires and do not have to worry about paying another fee.

  • You can also use your Team Account balance to tip your sellers at the end of an order without having to pay another transaction fee.

  • Keep in mind, you do not get another invoice when using team account, so make sure to keep the receipt they email you as your proof if you are using it for business purposes!

For all you awesome buyers! Happy shopping and don’t forget to review and tip these hard working sellers, for exceptional work. :grinning:


Not sure how I missed this post when it went up originally!


Thanks, Riley.
I will follow all these instructions.


Updated: How to add a Team Account.


Wow. Thank you. Wish I would have read this before buying several gigs last week.


You’re welcome.

A $1 transaction fee may not sound like a lot but after you buy several gigs + tips, it equals to a lot of money. For me it adds up to several hundreds; this saves me and also encourages me to tip more often. :slight_smile:


:ok: thanks :tada: :wink:


That is good advice to give to buyers. I am a seller and they also take a dollar out of every $5 on our side so more money that you save means more for us! Thanks!


Can we be invoiced for the amount charged to the card to add to your “team” rather than per transaction?


When you use your team account to pay, you do NOT get an invoice for each transaction. You get an email confirmation that you put money onto your “Account” and that is your invoice.


Well, I didn’t get an e-mail to confirm the money going into our team account just individual receipts for each transaction.

Who can I contact to get this sent through?

We need it for expense tracking.

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You can always contact Fiverr´s Customer Support for any problems of that kind :arrow_right:

See that page for all kinds of info which may be the fastest way to get an answer to many questions, and scroll down to “Contact Us” to send a ticket if your issue isn´t covered. Customer Support often replies very fast in my experience, but, depending on their workload, may take longer at times.

Or, click your profile icon on the main site and pick “Help” from the drop-down to quickly find the page.


Well written…
it really helpful for me.

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