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Why Every Seller Should Post a Buyer Request to BUY a Gig


Every now and again, I want to buy on Fiverr and do not want to search sellers. So, I post a request. I love doing it because I get to see what people offer and what their bids look and read like. I find so many interesting Gigs I would not have found in a search. I think every seller should post a buyer request to see what people write when they bid and what their Gigs look like. So much one can learn about what works and does not work by doing this. You would be amazed.

Mod Note: Title Edited for clarity. Please read FontHaunt response and note that this is not a suggestion to advertise. It is a suggestion to try buyer requests as a buyer even if you are usually a seller only.


I think this is a good idea, but to make it VERY CLEAR to readers, @silberma1976 is suggesting that sellers should post a buyer request offering to BUY A SERVICE from a seller. It is not the place to post something that you want to sell, it is for posting that you want to buy.

@silberma1976 has a point that if you are a seller and you post a request offering to buy a service that you really want or need, you could learn a lot by reading the replies. If you were to post a request trying to sell, though, you might get your account banned by Fiverr, so please don’t do that as a seller. Sorry for the repetitive reply, Charles, I just see the potential for confusion. :slight_smile:


The title is a bit confusing and misleading. I suggest changing it to better reflect what you are trying to say.

“Why every seller should post a buyer request and buy something.”


When I saw the title, I had a bit of a shocker, I thought this is the end of BR as we knew it once, by inviting sellers to post requests :smiley:

Yep, @silberma1976, I would also make the topic title more explicit by adding what @thecreativeguys advised, because if I were a newbie seller and saw that title, guess what? I wouldn’t even open this thread, I would immediately jump to BR and spam it with seller requests :smiley:

And I also think there should be a Mod Note in the original post - maybe @fonthaunt can add her disclaimer to it just to be on the extra safe side (as this is a highly sensitive matter) ?


Thank you @Woofy31 that’s exactly what I wanted to say. Sellers won’t even bother opening the thread and before you know it… the rest is history.


Done - thanks for the added ideas. :slight_smile:


Now that the confusion is put aside, I do wonder: wouldn’t it be rather unfair if some sellers would only post buyer requests with the sole intent of seeing what other sellers’ bids look like (or even copy them) ? Wouldn’t this be like spying if they have no intent of buying anything or looking at other gigs?

I can imagine how this would be a loss of time for other sellers who bid thinking they did it for an actual buyer, when in turn it would be a spying seller behind the curtains, who has no idea how to phrase their own bids and thus would copy other sellers’ bids…

I don’t know… just pouring my “spammer’s view” thoughts out :slight_smile:


I hold heartedly agree. Well said!


Thanks for clarifying it. I appreciate it. It is a confusing thought.


I think Sellers need to see what buyers say when responding to requests. It is enlightneing.


I buy every now and again from Fiverr, although I am usually a seller. I am often shocked at the responses I get from posting a Buyer’s Request as many people obviously use the same replies to everyone or show some other sign of not understanding how they might get business from the communication.


I posted a request in the past, and I kid you not it was a :carousel_horse: CIRCUS :circus_tent:. The responses were so off the wall, I had to pinch myself a few times to see if it was real. Phew! Finally, after a couple days or so, I found a hidden :gem: to complete the task. It was rough tho… People don’t read, people don’t follow instructions, outrageous quotes, language barrier issues, and begging. I had people submit proposals telling me their sob stories, which is a huge TURN-OFF. :-1: I felt as if they wanted me to choose them, just because of their circumstances, and it doesn’t work that way. :skull_crossbones:


Well, I think that ruins the whole idea & spirit of this thread :smiley:

I would definitely not want to see any of that. I think I won’t be following the OP’s advice if that’s the case :mask:


Maybe, but it’s the truth. Let’s face it BR is not a bed of roses, you’ll find yourself amidst a few thorns. But, as far as my experience, I was able to find a brilliant seller out of the bunch. BR isn’t all bad, but it will take a few tries or more :watch: sifting through the rubbish.


Ha, I just posted one. Partially, I’ll admit, out of curiosity and just to see what happens but I also have some genuine need for some (small) webdesign help. Let’s see how this goes :slight_smile:


:sweat_smile: Keep us updated! Share the good, the bad and the ugly. :tropical_drink:


Will do!


Not forgetting that each seller has 10 requests per day. That’s just going to be a waste.