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Why everyone telling being active in Forum will help to grow in fiverr

You can learn a lot by reading various topics on the forum, but no, posting on the forum isn’t related to getting sales.

And not everyone is telling it, just so-called “Fiverr gurus”.


Yup, people who made so much money on the platform, they decided to do additional work by posting 7 videos per week talking about what to do to get as rich as them.

You know, instead of retiring.


:smile: :smile: Yeah!! It maybe true… But these ‘Fiverr gurus’ misleading the new sellers…

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Ofcourse… They are spreading wrong information and misleading people

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They are not trying to mislead you.

They are trying to take advantage of you, make money off of you.

So do your own research, and don’t follow faulty logic.


On other platforms, being active on the forums will actually help you, such as being active on a writing forum if you have books online somewhere. But the Fiverr forums? Genuinely, only sellers are here. You won’t find any buyers. On top of that, most people come and go here pretty quickly, from what I have seen.


Thank you for your good advise…

But the question is why these people telling lie about this?

Here are some more Fiverr myths: Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!


Thank you… :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think it’s a part of your fiverr account activities that will help your profile or gigs to perform better.


No that’s not true.

@msazzad_hossain I’d suggest you stop spreading misinformation, and if nothing else, watch the above video shared by @lloydsolutions

(created by @coerdelion)


Yeah… The video shared by @lloydsolutions is really helpful…!


May be misinformation and thank you so much

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It is misinformation.

There’s no other side to that particular matter.


Well, being active on the forum actually will make yourself grow as a more informed individual due to the number of threads discussing problems people face while buying/selling on Fiverr. Just by reading most of the threads here, you can memorize the points in the ToS people ignore the most or how long CS actually takes to get back to you during this Covid season or how your gig rank fluctuates, etc.

If that is what you meant by “growth”, then by all means, it is true. If you mean it will improve your gig rank and impression, no. If you mean getting more orders… that depends.

If you follow the good suggestions on the forum on your ethical conduct, proper business language, and how you present your gig and yourself, I personally think it would improve your chance of getting a job compared to if you haphazardly spam offers with copy-pasted wordings and/or doing unethical practices - which is unfortunately prevalent among some sellers here.


It doesn’t hurt to contribute to the community. does it?

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It can hurt you if you listen to the tremendous amount of bad advice being shared here. Additionally, you can also hurt others if you share false advice here yourself.


They just want your view, click, money… That’s all they care about.

Unless your idea (speaking generally here, not directed at you) of being active is just posting whatever, without bothering to read and understand what the topic is about.

Meaningful contribution certainly doesn’t hurt. However, posting “useful tips for a newbie like me” over and over again definitely isn’t going to help you, and giving wrong answers or posting just for the sake of posting might hurt (because you’d look incompetent).


Absolutely…They are making money…thay don’t bother about is it true or not.