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Why exactly am I paying Fiverr?

A while ago, I joined Fiverr, and a while all went well. But now, this…

In october, I received an order. I did the work, and delivered it to the buyer. The buyer was happy, and gave me 5 stars rating.

Today, a month later, I get that the order was cancelled by “Mutual agreement”

Nope. I agreed to nothing. I got a job, I worked, I got paid.

Then this:
Hi jeroenla,

Your order with XXXXX was canceled due to a dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank.
The funds from this order were automatically returned to the buyer.


And indeed, Fiverr took the money away from my account.

So that whole thing about working safe on Fiverr, not having to worry about payments…it’s all bullshit.
If this is the case, why the hell is 20% of my earnings taken by the platform?

From the website (under trust and safety)
"### Safe Payments

All transactions are conducted on the Fiverr platform. Whether a buyer uses a credit card, PayPal or other form of payment, we handle everything, and ensure the security of your personal details. Fiverr is committed to the highest security standards as a Level 1 PCI-DSS service provider."

I feel scammed. Not by the buyer, but by the platform which promises I can work safely, without having to worry about invoices.

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Did you contact customer support?

That message means that your buyer initiated chargeback through most likely PayPal. The money is not returned yet to your buyer but hold in limbo and fiverr has a chance to proof that everything was delivered as promised.

Please contact CS with screenshots and ask them to try to get your money back as you delivered everything as per requirements and your gig description, in a timely manner and your client was satisfied. And they might be able to get your payment back. It might also take some time and even over a month. But situation wouldn’t resolve itself if you wouldn’t contact CS


I appreciate this solution, and recommending you to take an immediate action. There is must be a hole, I feel sorry for this! because this is your loss.

“canceled due to a dispute initiated by the buyer and/or their issuing bank”

you have your order completion certificate. There must be a document in which can prove that this is not a Mutual agreement.

I think I saw somewhere that fiverr stated for not to cancel order after sale otherwise fiverr will not refund.

There is a command, which moved forward to inform fiverr that you are agreed with this cancellation.

The amount taken from your bank not from the fiverr account. right?

But that was taken by fiverr because of himself following some TOS to made these transactions. Then how could a bank inform prior to fiverr notified you!

Fiverr will have your cancel acceptance document. Just to find who proceed it and from which account by using your account access. If its a scam the scammer would be in front of you: ). Otherwise your buyer will face guilty. Because the amount was converted from your Sales to your revenue/ income. And you have rights to fight for your owns.

I did contact them, but I should not need to, considering they broadly advertise being a platform where a seller needs not worry. That’s what makes it somewhat acceptable they take 20% of all earnings.

What does “client was sardined” mean??

The money was taken from my Fiverr account. Earnings I was about to withdraw as well, you know…to pay bills and stuff.

But by your logic, if someone uses my credit card to commit fraud, I shouldn’t have to contact my bank. The situation should just be resolved immediately.

I do get it’s frustrating, chargebacks are awful. You’re in the right, and the buyer is 100% in the wrong, and CS will likely see this and hopefully provide you with the money. This has certainly been the case in the last few chargeback examples I’ve seen. Unfortunately, the buyer has clawed the money back from Fiverr, so you can understand there being a manual process while Fiverr double-check before providing you with funds to cover your loss.

Do keep in mind that the people who have already responded to you in the post are only trying to help you.


A typo. It should be “satisfied”

Unfortunately fiverr has nothing to do with PayPal chargebacks or the way to stop it because of PayPal policies. (Which we all agree should change for a services businesses)
However it’s not only fiverr suffering because of PayPal chargebacks but a lot of other businesses and companies including amazon.
Fiverr can protect you in most cases but unfortunately there are always might be losses like this in every business

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No. That is not my logic. My logic is that Fiverr has willingly and knowingly is taking a position between me and the buyer.

So instead of:

Me —> Stuff --> Buyer
Me <-- $$ <-- Buyer

It’s becoming

Me -->Stuff --> Fiverr --> Stuff -->Buyer
Me <-- $ <-- Fiverr <-- $$ <-- Buyer

So in each transaction, I am delivering stuff and getting money, LESS than I would otherwise would. That is only reasonable because Fiverr says they guarantee trust and safety. Which they do not.

The risk of payment should be with them, it;s like factoring:

20% default rate is a LOT

I have nothing to do with PayPal chargebacks either. That’s what Fiverr is for. I could also just send an invoice to buyers directly (and in the process, earn significantly more for the work I do).

Whether or not Fiverr gets the money from the buyer, is THEIR responsibility, not mine.

And you know what’s funny: I’ve never had issues sending invoices to clients. They all get paid. Usually even faster than through Fiverr. The only issue I’ve had…is here.

The risk of payment IS with them. You will most likely get your money back, out of Fiverr’s finances. But it’s reasonable that they would want at least a moment to manually review the situation, then give you your money. According to your post, the cancellation occurred today? I’m sure once someone’s manually reviewed this, your situation will be resolved.


Yes I do know, and I wish for a justice for you. Sometimes we are not ready for such circumstances. You can’t claim to fiverr for refund but I believe Fiverr will help you in case it proved as a scam. Just report them with a little follow up(for the updates) and move forward to your next sales.

If I am not wrong, it seem like that
You–> buyer–> Fiverr

If you had applied in your terms with buyer for the commission will be deducted from canceled amount in case of any dispute. you wouldn’t face this double loss.

No doubt the commission amount is big too, and you losses twice. You only can claim for your cancellation that how it made itself without your permission.

Did you offered any warranty to your buyer?

This might be of help to you.
You may also be able to write it off as a bad debt against taxes should Fiverr not reimburse you. I do agree that Fiverr should automatically intervene in these situations, they do get notified too obviously and could dispute them if they chose to.
I’ve had chargebacks (off Fiverr)with PayPal and was reimbursed by PayPal when I proved the work was done.


The problem with chargebacks is that chargeback fraud is common, very difficult to challenge, and on the increase. In this case, chargebacks are to be expected occasionally.

My way of dealing with anyone who doesn’t pay or charges back on an order is to find if my work is being used online. If it is, I lodge terrifying sounding complaints with site owners. Most have outsourced work to a third party and have no idea that the end content creator hasn’t been paid. In this case, they remove content and (I presume) fire their middleman.

Sadly, this doesn’t get your money back.

On the Fiverr side of things, I consider order funds being removed from my account without my permission after they have cleared theft. Inside 14-days, a buyer gets the money they paid back. After 14-days, Fiverr takes funds paid by other buyers for their own work.

Of course, it is Fiverr’s way or the highway, so you just have to put up how things are. However, for any chargeback after 14-days, it is worth sending a firmly worded message to CS. In it, you can ask why you were not asked to provide proof you had delivered an order and why a chargeback has not been challenged.


I doubt you would recover your money back but you should contact CS with the proofs of order delivery and the review anyway (which I’m guessing you already did). It’s easy to see why Fiverr would always listen to the buyer on first touch. The buyer comes with money in hand. If I were you, I’d just forget about it and move on (unless the money is substantial). I’d be wasting time chasing down a lost cause, while I could be doing productive work. The buyer played a fast one by requesting a cashback via Paypal. I doubt any Fiverr staff would want to take a squabble with Paypal over some change. But Fiverr needs a more efficient dispute settling process. It’s bad business.