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Why fake your country guys?

I’m a seller from Sri Lanka and my profile clearly shows that I’m from Sri Lanka. But some guys are faking their profile as they are from US,UK. And just met a guy who is from the same country and gave him a friendly advice on the forum to be bold with nationality. And now he’s threatening me to remove that comment. I always wonder why people fake their country. It may attract customers less, but you earn the customer trust. So be bold and emphasis your country.

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Reply to @kjblynx: Me too. When using our corporate account to buy gigs. I also have faced the same. In most cases first look at the profile tells us he/she is not surely from english first country.

I understand their reasoning, but don’t agree to it.

The reasons behind it are either for scamming reasons OR for fear of business xenophobia/racism. Not a nice thing to think about by any stretch of the imagination.

Beware: Wall of Text!

For example, let’s take sellers from India and China. Some are very good…and some are so bad that they shame their whole nationality on a given platform and make it harder for the good workers. What I’m about to say isn’t exclusive to these nationalities, just what I’ve noticed and what my other freelancer friends are complaining about. It might be they are just more numerous.

Why do other freelancers dislike working with certain nationalities?

The issue is that at a certain point there was a flood of Indian/Chinese sellers on freelancing platforms, fiverr included. They introduced very low dumping prices that no country with a higher denomination could match (Say, 5$ per 2000 words, when an American would charge 5$ per 500 words). This happened due to the fact that the dollar has more buying power than their national currency, thus they could work for less dollars and still make massive profits.

This made a lot of freelancers very bitter towards them since they stole all the work away with their low prices.

]Now, what about the buyers?

There is also a cultural and linguistic barrier here. Many Indians were “yes men” who said they could do something, but delivered poor results. Or simply did not understand what they had to do…This is a cultural thing from what I’ve heard, and reflective of the work culture in their own country. If anyone can contradict me, please do so because this is actually a topic I’m very interested in! I don’t know what made the Chinese be dismissed by buyers…probably a language barrier?

Regarding the language barrier…it’s self explanatory. When you want to work within international markets you need to know English and be able to understand complex concepts, sentence structure etc. You also need to not be prideful and ask when you don’t understand something.

What’s the conclusion?

Because their brethen already made a bad name for themselves, and thus lead the freelancing/buyer community to star stereotyping them as bad sellers, Indian & Chinese sellers are less likely to want to show their country in their profiles. I understand WHY, don’t approve of it.

Note: I am not talking about ALL Chinese/Indian sellers. I’ve worked with some awesome ones in the past! But some rotten apples make the whole bunch seem spoiled even if it’s not so, for some people.

Sorry for the wall of text! I’m going to make this a separate thread actually, I might gain more insight into the topic this way from people who answer :slight_smile:

My guess is that some of those sellers are scam artists. They lack the skills to provide the quality service most buyers are after. These scam artists realize that US buyers are more likely to trust fellow countrymen because of the fear of being scammed, so they lie about their country of origin hoping to fool people. The truth is that these people aren’t fooling anyone. The second we read their description or message and see the complete and utter lack of English writing skills, we figure out that they are liars and move on.

Then of course there are the sellers who have skills but worry that their location will turn people away before even giving them a chance. Their fears are real, it’s true that a lot of people are more comfortable purchasing “locally”. However, despite their skills they often lack good English grammar and as soon as the buyer realizes the deception this seller is lumped into the category of scam artist.

I will fess up to having the fear of being scammed by a foreign seller because it does happen so often. It’s too bad because there are many people, like yourself, who don’t deserve such a stereotype.

I don’t have a suggestion on how to solve this problem. The truth is, people like you who are from countries like Sri Lanka but who are also honest about who they are and the work they do, will have to work at least twice as hard to prove themselves. It’s not fair that you have to pay for other people’s dishonesty but when it’s all said and done, you will be able to feel a greater sense of accomplishment then most of us, knowing what you have had to overcome to get to where you are.

Reply to @mcromano: Bravo! Very well said! I agree, there is really nothing left to say but I talk a lot so essentially I reiterated your comment lol.

I think they want to avoid the competition from the same country, or that countries like the USA or the UK will earn more profit by more trust.

Like a few sellers in my country, Vietnam, there were bad acts outside their country. Therefore, they are a bad influence to the sellers behind, making it difficult for them, and lose the trust of customers.

However, I still think the trust of customers from the quality of your products, not from the name of the country you are calling.

This is so true, anybody claiming to be from the UK is lying, or Scottish! I’m from England, I’m living in Poland after living in Greece for 2 years, Spain 2 years and Norway a year all after gaining a degree in Criminology from a top 10 university in England. I’m a northerner and I can’t believe how many article writers, SEO gigs, proofreaders, keyword researchers etc claim to be from the UK and they could get away with it judging by my profile saying ‘Poland’ but they run a mile when I say I’m from England. I got an article written for free by a member on here for messing up an order, he claimed to be from the UK, I literally would have had to have changed every word on this article to make it English. My sister is 10 and she writes better English than most of the writers on here, if this offends you then you are one of those writers. I don’t claim to be able to write, I have a high level of education, I was private schooled and I could write better content in my sleep than half of these dishonest and untrustworthy people on Fiverr. You know I bought a video gig the other day, would you like to know the reason why? Because it said he was from England and guess what? he genuinely was, I didn’t need to I just did it because it was a shocking experience.

Tip for people pretending to be from England - I promise that English people aren’t stupid and we know when somebody isn’t from England, you can try your very best but in England especially the North, we don’t learn English out of a text book, we learn with accents and warm words, which you will never have. If you are learning English or trying to improve it, be honest and say, we really don’t mind, you know how many people in Poland I help to learn English because they admit they aren’t too good but want to learn? Trying to imitate or copy English people is even worse.

I might start up a writing gig or content gig because judging by the levels seen on here I would become a top seller in no time.

Reply to @missashley8705: Let us put our money where our mouth is and buy this dudes gig? Also check out my post at the bottom.

Reply to @mcromano: I totally agree with every part of this, luckily the kind of clients I have for my company aren’t too bothered about money and would rather pay more for an English guy like me with obviously better skills than take a risk for a price reduction. Now I’m not wanting to offend anybody but from my own personal experience: I started off as a freelancer, luckily got a great reputation for myself in London before the huge influx of Indian freelancers doing a wordpress website for $50 all inclusive.

Luckily I am now fortunate enough to own a very successful web design company which I was forced to start up due to high paying corporate clients of mine force funding me whilst we were out drinking in south marylebone, it started off as a drunken competition and turned into a full scale business.

Why do I use Fiverr, you might ask? I use it to quality test, actually, the influx of poorly skilled people who don’t know what they are doing from less developed countries helps my business. Here is why:

I buy a gig on Fiverr right in front of them, then I let them track the results and measure the outcome, then I show them the difference between my companies work and the work on Fiverr, which helps potential clients make an easy informed decision.

So don’t quash these guys, leave them here, I use them as a bad example for my great example.

Refer to my post at the bottom too for more topic related detail.

Hmmm… I would buy from a seller from another country, but it also depends a lot on the kind of service they offer.

I will have to say though that I have “favorite” buyer nations too which are the US, the UK and Germany, and the reason for this is that they are willing to pay a somewhat reasonable price for good quality service without trying to tell me what I am worth. I hate it when customers try to negotiate my price. I have worked below minimum wage for buyers many times and I don’t think they realize that we have a higher cost of living than in China or India or elsewhere.

I will sell my service to anyone from any nation and I am personally super interested in cultural differences myself. I would find it interesting to do business with someone in other countries that are foreign to me, but I certainly wouldn’t let a person proofread my English document if they are not fluent in English.

Reply to @silviatx: The only person I would even let near proofreading any documents would be an English person. As I’ve mentioned in other comments, I’m from England so the poor quality of English showcased on this website is laughable. I actually get offended when people pretend they are from England but they can’t even write properly in the gig sales pitch. I am the same as you though, in every part of life not just fiverr, I have a set list and I stick to it.

Tip from a very successful businessman… NEVER drop your prices, you do it once, you will do it again. This is the reason I could never do a gig on Fiverr, I can honestly say that nobody could afford me, I’d want at least $50 minimum for a simple gig, why am I worth that? because you get what you pay for, you pay $5 the seller ends up with $3 and you expect them to write you an outstanding article about how amazing your rubbish website is? not going to happen, if you want quality go out there and pay for it.

I always factor in the quality of the work/type of work, rather than the country. Do note though that some countries may be spoofed simply to get accepted into websites. Perhaps certain countries simply aren’t allowed to partake in Fiverr’s website so they try to circumvent that by spoofing their country just to get into the network. I think the biggest thought would be as others have stated that the US for example is considered a more trusted and reliable source(Whether their purpose is devious or not.). I have had some pretty bad experiences with specific countries and I don’t think it’s the country in particulars fault but rather the venues Fiverr is using to obtain those members.

Reply to @freelancemm: couple of typos = UK - More trusted.

And Avenues* not venues. :wink:

@xmomentus Eh, i’m from the US and lazy when it comes to forums. Oh well! Even us US folk aren’t perfect.

That is not fear.We should have to avoid that.It can harmfull for a buyer and seller.

If I’m buying from someone from a country that I know doesn’t have English as a main language I’m more likely to be forgiving of difficulties communicating. Just saying.

Reply to @xmomentus:

Heh, if that’s not entrepreneurial thinking, I don’t know what is. You’re the first person I’ve talked to here that uses Fiverr in such a way. I have to say, I’m impressed. If you’re familiar with Harry Potter, that’s very Slytherin of you.

To be honest from what I have noticed you have three types of people

  1. those who will pay good money for a good service regardless of cheap offers because they know that high quality sometimes comes with a high price
  2. those who are cheapskates by nature
  3. those who can’t afford the high price but have good will to pay a fair price for what they can afford

    I cater to the latter on this site, but come across many no.2’s that are complete nightmares. One of the main reasons why I started branching out earlier this year…

    There are awesome and talented people on fiverr, but I find that most of them charge accordingly to that quality. I think slowly the fiverrscape is changing…

    Tell me more about what you do and how your bussiness grew! I’d love to hear about it :slight_smile:

Reply to @missashley8705:

To be honest I think excellent English skills cancel out all the issues for foreign sellers.

I’m Romanian and I never had any issues getting buyers. As soon as they see you speak English well and you have a good portfolio, you’re set no matter what country you’re from. In the end, no matter what business you do, you need good communication and a good seller-buyer connection.

I may be wrong and very fortunate, but this is the conclusion I came to after almost 2 years of being a fiverr seller :slight_smile:

Reply to @xmomentus: This post is exactly why it bothers me when I see fake profiles and why I try to advise people in the forum to be honest. I am a seller who likes freelancing and needs flexible hours. Sure, there might come a time I’ll do more of it for more money on my own platform but that takes time to build and promote. For now, Fiverr is a way to make immediate funds.

Unfortunately, buyers just like the ones you may sell to off-Fiverr may come here hoping for a bargain and many sellers can still provide that. Those buyers see clearly dishonest profiles and some leave right there without looking further on Fiverr. Others don’t pay much attention to a profile and buy a gig, and then either due to communication problems or just gold-plating, they get no service or poor service. They assume that all Fiverr sellers are like that and tell their business associates the same. It has a negative impact on all sellers then.

Truly, if a seller lives in another country and really finds it helpful to fake the location I don’t prefer it but it isn’t my major issue. If they speak fluent English and can pull off a profile and offer a quality product at least they’ve done little harm, if any. So, being a talker myself I’ve added too much but that’s my say! :slight_smile: