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Why Feminists Should Join the Conservatives in the UK

A joke I read on Twitter - Feminists! Join the Conservative Party, and become the Prime Minister. Join Labour and get a ride on the pink bus. :smiley:

Congratulations to Theresa May, the new Prime Minister of the UK!

I’m delighted it’s a woman this time! I hope she doesn’t do stupid things like our upcoming President does.

I think something good came out of the Brexit mess after all…May will make a perfect Prime Minister…she already looks like a Prime Minister. I expect her to remain as PM for the next 9 years. Britain is in safe hands.

Reminds me of Mrs. Thatcher :slight_smile:

Mrs thatcher is dead…

Edited: I should not have laughed. But sometimes spontanious comments from people crack me up :stuck_out_tongue:

Sat back and watching this thread. SInce I don´t read news about politics, I can´t comment about the new PM.