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Why Fiver Is A Good Place?

I Have Posted My Gigs About MOnth Ago But No Buyer No Traffic Why Fiverr.

Actually it isn’t! You have to pay at least 20% in Fiverr bank accounts to get no support from Fiverr Staff. You have to advertise Fiverr business anywhere to get usually no sales (they say you advertise your gigs, but it’s their business actually); You have to obey to the opinnions of many people who sell their souls for almost nothing in order to hope getting a few sales (but usually you don’t get any - you just avoid their confrontation); Here the math rulles are reinvented (i.e. a gig with 1 review is listed in front of a gig with 500 reviews in high rating section, even both gigs have 5 stars), etc…

@zahidsarfraz I’m not going to get into whether Fiverr is a good place or not since that’s really an individual decision. I can tell you that putting up gigs with sample images that you didn’t create is going to slow you down and possibly stop you from getting orders. It’s illegal as well. I saw at least 2 images I recognized, one of a Vitamix and one of Taylor Swift. Neither of those is your work. That makes me doubt the rest. So, if you want to give Fiverr a try, make some sample work that is your own or create different gigs.

Not everyone is meant to succeed on Fiverr, just like not everyone can succeed in plenty of other places. That doesn’t make Fiverr a bad place, Fiverr is the best place in my opinion. Here you can CHOOSE what to do for $5, the only limit is your imagination (and I know some people don’t have any).

Maybe you need to post some new gigs, even better, search on Fiverr and find something that nobody or few people are doing.

@zahidsarfraz you have to put more effort
in your gigs description, in your pictures and also in your time which you normally give to Fiverr.
as a new comer use all of your daily 10 free buyer requests and definitely
you will get chance.
as I have sent 113 and got 5 orders in my first 20 days.

Fiverr is a great place for networking with others, such as building new relationships with both sellers and buyers, you can get great services starting at $5!

Fiverr is a great place to improve your skills, meet people, and make extra money
IF and ONLY IF you put in a lot of time and effort, and approach everything in a professional manner. I’m sorry zahidsarfraz, but at this point it will be extremely difficult for you to get orders. You are offering a whiteboard animation gig, yet your gig does not have a video, and that is just one of the many mistakes you are making. If this does not make sense to you and you do not realize why it is a problem, finding success will be hard.
I can go ahead and point out all the mistakes for you right now, but I believe you will need to do some research yourself first.
When I first started working here on Fiverr, I looked at everything and read everything, and made sure I had the best sample images, and also made sure those sample images looked better than my competitors with similar gigs. Can you say you did the same?

always response to buyer requests section. Find better time to response when there are low amount of responses. You can fine that time by checking buyer requests section every 30 minutes.

Reply to @whitehatseo10: Oh really? At Elance you have to pay $15 a month if you want to bid in more than one category, and their commission is 8%, and if you have no experience or reviews, nobody gives you a chance.

Here, I started without portfolio samples and made $60 in my first month. I had no gig videos, no reviews, yet people gave me chances, and I’ve only been here 3-years, so it’s not like I started when Fiverr was brand new.

I also don’t advertise my gigs.

Reply to @denovo8590: Have to agree - I’ve generate 4-5 orders out of close to 100 buyers request.

I love this feature… If you’re not seeing traffic, it’s a way to reach out and try to get buyers.