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Why fiverr account is to be banned?


I opened a new Fiverr account some days ago. When I opened my account on my pc I used my mobile shared internet which was dedicated IP. But now this time, if I login my Fiverr account on the same pc using broadband internet connection which is shared IP, then have any problem?

#2 you can submit a ticket and ask support


I sent this text to fiverr customer support. But they don’t give me any clear concept.


So long as you’re using only one Fiverr account you should be fine.


It has nothing to do with broadband etc. Better contact fiverr support.


You cant use 2 account with single machine.
For more info contact customer support.


I think Fiverr customer support is the best solution.


no problem .but you can not open two account on your one pc


Thanks a lot. Finally, I got my answer. Thanks again.