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Why Fiverr account temporally and permanently disable?

Hi, Experts!

Please share your experience with why the Fiverr account disable? Which rules must obey to maintain account safely.

Advance thanks.


The ones that written in the rules section that called terms of service.
You can find a link to it at the bottom of fiverr website


@mariashtelle1 has given you the answer. The terms of service are the rulebook of Fiverr. I would also encourage you to read the community standards: .

However, a few common reasons for gigs being removed / sellers receiving warnings / and sellers being banned include:

  • misleading profile information (pretending to be someone you are not)
  • attempting to have two or more accounts (you are likely to be permanently banned)
  • exchanging contact information (there are some exceptions though)
  • offering academic services (such as offering to write essays)
  • offering services where the results are out of your control (such as social media / YouTube engagement)
  • using other people’s work as your own (for example, copying an image from Google)
  • finding ways to try and keep the account online 24 hours a day

Those are the more common reasons that we see people get into trouble on Fiverr.


Thank you very much for sharing good information.

Thank you @mariashtelle1

Another thing that can get sellers in trouble is not being able to do their own research, and expecting answers to be handed out to them.

It’s not against the rules, but eventually does lead to trouble.


I understand thanks@catwriter