Why Fiverr Allows Copy Cat Gigs To Exist


I am sure my story isn’t unique. As a seller you spend countless hours making your gig stand-out as original. You pick the right angle and use your profits to reinvest into your gig. Then one day someone who hasn’t the innovative mind that you possess (usually from an underdeveloped country) copies your gig right down to the cover photo. What can you do? Well, my experience says you can do nothing. Perhaps it’s because two gigs making money are better than one? That is my only conclusion because Fiverr has done nothing to address my situation and its been three days. I am not ranting just warning other seller as to what is coming. It is also a warning to buyers because copying gigs stifles innovation and quality. In the end it is only Fiverr’s business model that will suffer because eventually what comes around goes around eh fill in the blank dot com?


what do you mean by copycats? Your gigs are simple gigs, its not unusuall to have someone else that can also master songs. Unless they are using your same description. Idk what to say. contact CS


It’s not the mastering. It was the copy cat of my reposting gig which was fine until my cover photo was copied making it identical to my gig. Thank you for the in-depth investigative comment.


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Thanks but I can read and reading it again will be of no help. I have a copy cat gig that has copied my cover photo. Does anyone have a solution besides telling me to do the obvious which I have obviously tried because I have common sense.


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It’s not the mastering. It was the copy cat of my reposting gig which was fine until my cover photo was copied making it identical to my gig. Thank you for the in-depth investigative comment.


Are you this pleasant to your buyers?


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No just to people who post in forums just for the sake of posting.


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The comments and likes are just as lame as Fiverr’s response to my issue.


Liar, liar, pants on fire!

You have been unpleasant to EVERYBODY here.

Yup. I can post in the forums just for the sake of it. And, look! I’m doing it again.

So, Fiverr will suffer because you’re not getting your own way, is that it?

It just seems karma is giving you exactly what you deserve.



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Let us be nice to each other and not blow a little misunderstanding out of proportion. Two wrongs dosen’t make a right. I think where gigs are concerned, Fiverr need to have some control with this copy cat, duplicating other people gig thing. Can be very demotivating at times! :-h


I’ve thought about what I would do if someone resold my gig. But my gigs are very unique so they’d have to buy it, first. I would have to buy it back from them in order to tell if it was actually mine. And I’m not talking about the gig description or the picture-why would you care about that? I would just be flattered I was helping someone create their gig description/pictures if I were you. It’s not the end of the world.

Since I write reports I wondered about what I would do if someone bought my report on fiverr and resold it but what can you do? No one can really take my place because I am me and I am the best version of me. I just try to focus on providing quality work and customer service. If you are concerned, step it up a notch with getting traffic or pick even better photos for your gigs. Really there is no way around this and I would find other places to put my energy and focus on being irreplaceable by improving my services.

I think in this ever-changing world it’s important to be dynamic. Those who rip off of other people’s work aren’t willing to put the energy into it and people can see that. I’d focus on the advantages you have. Do you have a better understanding of a social media platform? Are you better at marketing your gigs? How can you improve? They are actually helping you! You (and we all are) wellsprings of divine inspiration. Some of us just aren’t aware of it, yet. Best to leave those people alone and let them work it out. They can’t hurt you.

Good luck!


Reply to @rachel44: You made me curious about what makes your gigs unique so I took a look. You do have some cool gigs going! I noticed something unusual in your twitter gig, though, so I wanted to give you a quick heads up. You mention in that one that they buyer has to buy the $5 gig plus a gig extra or you cancel. I believe that Fiverr requires that you have something in every gig that the buyer can get for five bucks. Just a tip!


Someone copying my gig Cover Photo and Description too, I contact Fiverr CS but it seem they are not fix it yet.