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Why fiverr banned my account?

i had a very bad experience with fiverr . I just called a ******** guy “n****** +scammer+c******” and I was banned . Seriously ? I want to ask fiverr if they banned that guy’s account . That guy stole my methods as well as script and in return I was banned by fiverr for just those three words . Fiverr is DOING REALLY BAD and I hate it now .

Mod Note: Country/region reference removed, Couple of words removed to avoid racism.


No, if he did something wrong you could report it to support to deal with it instead of using inappropriate language.

No matter what, inappropriate language is absolute no no in a service industry.


Fiverr is open to everyone. Discrimination against a community member based on gender, race, age, religious affiliation, se xual preference or otherwise is not acceptable and may result in the suspension/removal of your account.



You have to take some responsibility here.

Through customer support, Fiverr provides a way for sellers (and buyers) to raise concerns. If something goes wrong with an order and you can’t resolve it between you (for example because they are a scammer), then customer support will review the order and reach a resolution based on the evidence.

But what you can’t do is start calling people out based on race and location. The moment you do that, you’ve lost.


Well, I have to agree with the other users here. Inappropriate language, terms of service’s violation… You could have played your cards better, trust me.

Being polite might help in the future


I’m not going to assume what words were censored by the mods but do you seriously think throwing insults around is a good strategy when settling business disputes?

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Okay, so, you showed your racist side on a professional selling platform, and think it’s unfair you were banned? Yeah, people can suck and having a bad experience with a buyer is infuriating, there I assume there is a proper protocol to go through. I was once scammed by a man in a different country, and now, it’s made me cautious with buyers, particularly those overseas, but throwing racist insults around wouldn’t have helped me in the least.

Take a bit of responsibility for your actions here, because you are the user that started throwing round swear words, not the other user


If you talked to me like that I’d want you banned too.

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Using racist slurs is not an excuse, even If you get scammed!
You coudl’ve contacted the support team


Seriously. That kind of language isn’t allowed. How would you feel if someone talked that way about your country and used racist slurs when talking about you? Would you think it’s acceptable, even if you did something you shouldn’t have?

You can report that person’s behavior to Customer Support. Due to the Privacy Policy, they won’t be able to tell you what actions they took, but they will investigate the case.

You can also check for yourself whether that person still has a Fiverr account.

And finally, you say you’ve been banned, but your account seems to be active.